Monday, October 22, 2012

Post-it Thoughts


Ben said...

Cabinets or Cupboards ? Both are fascinating things. Do you peek in others cabinets ? LOL

Linda said...

I love those post-it notes! How do you do it?

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary Ann-
I was led to your blog through Monica at the Mennobrarian. Just wanted to let your know I found your book at my local library here in Catonsville, MD.

Can't wait to read it! Looks like the kind of book my daughters would like as well. I'll likely buy it too.

BTW I'm new to the blogosphere- would love to hear from you if you have time to stop by (although you seem like a pretty busy lady)!

Peggy said...

Awww! Babies and cupboards just go together perfectly! When my kids emptied them, they would climb in. Tupperware and pots and pans all over the kitchen floor :-) Funny, I didn't mind putting them away back then! Now, it's a chore to do the dishes! I miss my babies' days!

Praying you don't EVER have anything that will eat up in the attic ... except the children of course! We had squirrels... and chimpmunks ....and mice.

vintageDandelion said...

Is your attic "finished" meaning, can they play up there year-round? We have a large attic that would be a great place to play in, except for the extreme heat and cold in summer/winter.