Friday, November 2, 2012

Caring Continues

First of all I want to thank everyone for the cards, letters of encouragement, and prayers you have sent for my sis-in-law Emma and her children after Melvin died. She was really grateful for everything she received.
Among those who wanted to help was a dear friend and author, Karen Anna Vogel. After hearing about Emma she generously offered to put several of Melvin's favorite holiday recipes in the back of her new Christmas book and a portion of all sales will go to Emma.
I wish I had an e-reader so I could get to read this entire book. I enjoyed what I was able to read in the preview on Amazon. I have always had a weakness for Christmas stories and with only a little over a hundred pages this would be the perfect size fun read.
You can get a copy for 2.99 here.


  1. Hi Mary Ann ~ For people with a Nook instead of a Kindle, they can get it for their Nook as well, and it's $2.99 also. They can copy and paste this link:

    I just bought it - sounds good! Have a great weekend ~

  2. What a generous offer by Karen Anna Vogel!

    Mary Ann, Amazon offers free Reading Apps that you download onto your computer so you can still read the digital books. This is what I did before I bought my Kindle. Here is the direct link to the Reader apps on Amazon:

  3. I have a first-generation Nook I would gladly give you, since these days I read books on the IPad.

  4. Thank you for the head's up and link. I just ordered the book as well as a few others...


  5. Thank you for the book information. I just ordered the book for my Kindle along with 8 other volumns of her books.

  6. I do like this author, thank you for telling us about her new book.


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