Saturday, December 16, 2017

Picture my Week

Our daily walks became a little more difficult with all the snow. Steven gallantly led the way and made a path for me to follow.

The girls and I made numerous Christmas treats.  Rosie Mae's hands bear the tale of some chocolate dipped treats that were rolled in red sprinkles.

We have all been enjoying the pretty splash of color from the poinsettia on the kitchen table. Kenneth received it as a prize for winning a game at a Christmas party we attended. He in turn, gifted it to me.


  1. I just discovered Nordic Pole Walking. It is inexpensive to get poles and I am really excited to try it out on uneven snowy terrain. It may be something to consider for your walks. I just got done today from my library of all places and plan to use them this week.

  2. Numerous Christmas treats are being made around here too. In fact I think I'll quit now because there's no more room in the freezer!
    That's a lovely Poinsettia!

  3. I love making Christmas treats!One of my faves are truffles!

  4. I'm a bit behind in my Christmas Baking. We normally have an Open House on the third Sunday in Advent (today) but I have a broken foot, and The Squire just had surgery on his arm, so we've postponed it until Epiphany - January 6th.

  5. How fun! I am making crock pot candy tomorrow hopefully. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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