Friday, December 15, 2017


    My earliest Christmas memory is from when I was almost four years old.
    Daddy and Mom were going to a town a little farther away than our horse Jim could take us to. They had hired a driver to take them, and for some reason Grandpa and Grandma couldn't babysit that day which meant John and I got to go along.
    After we arrived at the store Daddy and Mom each got a cart. John went with Daddy and I got to sit in the cart that Mom had. It was the most interesting store ever. They had toys, and toys, and more toys. Mom pushed her cart up and down the aisles looking for something while I was too awestruck to do anything except look wide eyed at everything.
    She finally selected a package of wooden blocks that had the alphabet printed on their sides. After paying for it we headed back outside to sit in the car where we waited for a few minutes until Daddy and John came out to join us and we went back home.
    The next few days Mom made a few pans of rice krispie candy and a batch of caramel corn, but packed it away until later.
    One morning when John and I got up we were greeted with a cup of hot chocolate and an orange next to our usual breakfast. Daddy and Mom seemed extra happy as they wished us a Merry Christmas and waited semi patiently for us to slowly enjoy our delicious breakfast.
     Once the dishes were cleared away they gave John those wooden blocks Mom had bought and I received a Memory game. They helped us play with them and then we got to eat those treats Mom had been making earlier. It was a great day!
     This thing called Christmas was fun! I wished they would do it more often.


  1. What a sweet and wonderful memory. I think of how commercialized Christmas has become and I truly wish we could have simpler times like you've described. Were you and John and less happy than children getting hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars worth of toys? No, I think you were very, very content with your gifts and your parents playing with you.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us.

  2. What a precious memory, Mary Ann! Thanks so much for sharing it. I so wish society could return to those simpler times....

  3. Your parents made the day special for you and that's the way it should be. It's a lovely memory..

  4. I think that's every kid's wish - that Christmas could be every day. Clever shopping on the part of your parents. :)


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