Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. I read here a list of 13 things you should do in June. I'm paraphrasing a little but basically...
Go on a road trip with your best friend, pick fresh strawberries, host a garden party, take a morning run, treat yourself to a flower bouquet, spend a whole day hiking, discover a new coffee shop, try a new ice cream flavor, read at least one book, visit a Farmer's Market, make a swing for your home, and visit a new city. 

Which thing on the list do you most want to do? Of the activities mentioned, which one holds the least appeal? How many on the list will you attempt in June? What's one thing you'd add to the list?

I would love to go on a road trip with my best friend, my husband. A lot of the things on the list sound like fun, or are things I have already done.

Running though ..... nope, not going to happen. As for discovering a new coffee shop. The discovering part would be okay, I guess, as long as I didn't have to drink any coffee.

2. What's something you could do today to feel more peaceful? 

Spend more time with the Word of God, and maybe go for a walk in the woods.
3. June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Are you a fan? Swiss mocha, rocky road, chocolate chocolate chip, peanut butter and chocolate, or a dish of plain chocolate...what's your pleasure? 

I don't care for chocolate ice-cream, or really any of those flavors.
4. If you came with a warning what would it say?

Caution: Gets irritable when it's hot and humid outside.

I try not to let my feeling miserable affect those around me, but I'm afraid it might just a tad.
5.What's the most interesting website you've visited in the last week? 

Rosebud made a new blog post, which I read and found interesting. Other than that, my online ventures have pretty much been confined to email, Pinterest, and checking into Facebook a few times.
6. Spring, summer, autumn, winter...which season are you? Why? 

My life right now feels like a mixture of spring and fall. There are new things coming which gives the feeling of hopeful anticipation. (Spring)
There's also a feeling of change, as if we were at the end of something good, which gives a feeling of nostalgia and a certain hollow aching. (Fall)
7. "You lose sight of things...and when you travel, everything balances out." ~Daranna Gidel

Would you agree with that sentiment? Explain why or why not.  

I would tend to agree with this sentiment. It helps getting away from everything sometimes and returning with a certain restfulness and a new appreciation for what you have.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now with everything. Life is happening too fast and I'm unable to keep up.

Trying to focus on the little things helps me keep my sanity ..... I think.


  1. I think we all feel overwhelmed from time-to-time...focusing on the little things is a good plan. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. I get the same way with the hot weather. Hoping you find a few moments today to bring peace to all you have going on.

  3. I think it has been proven that more crime happens in the heat of the summer and anger is more easily triggered. I like your answer about transitions and am feeling somewhat the same way. We are going through changes here and I feel that life as we've experienced is going to be different. I feel that same nostalgia. But I do know there is hope.

  4. I find when life feels overwhelming I have to break it down into small chunks too. I almost made my warning keep back if hungry or tired or especially both : )

  5. *hug* I thought of you this week when I forced myself to be in a picture with my kids. I took time I needed to slow right down last weekend so know how you feel.

  6. Looking at life in small chunks, one thing at a time, is a great way to get past that feeling of being overwhelmed. Keeping your focus on God and his promises is good, too.

  7. I totally understand your response to #8. That is where I'm at, too. Sometimes I wish that life had a pause button so that we could have a chance to just take a breath. You're in my prayers.

    I don't like to drink coffee either, but I love the smell of it.

    I grew up in the woods and love walking through them. I can't do that anymore, though. Other than at the state parks a zillion miles away, there aren't any real woods to be found in our area.

    Have a blessed week!

  8. I'm not about to hike in Texas in summer. It's hot and humid and I too get gripey. I like the idea of a road trip...maybe a day one. It could be a road trip to a new city and kill two birds with one stone!
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  9. I'm stopping by to visit my Hodgepodge neighbor. I hope your life settles down to manageable levels. I hate a hectic life. I enjoyed reading your blog. Have a great week.

  10. There are a plenty of "special" days this week for chocolate ice cream, Tuesday was donuts day, best friend's day was yesterday and the library posted this as "National Gardening Week." I have declared today as "Fix my Broken Umbrella Day." That will be a celebration for me.
    I hope you get that chance to alleviate your "overwhelmedness" by walking in the woods and spending more time with God's word...perfect solutions.

  11. It seems that many of us have a routine of sorts when it comes to the internet and don't venture from it very far.
    Have a great day.

  12. Walking in the woods sounds really nice and relaxing. Pray the best for you and your family :)

  13. I have two sweatshirts, both given to me by the same person, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. One reads "I have had my coffee; now you may speak" and the other says "I drink coffee for your protection". If you have to share space with me before I've had my coffee, wear beige and keep your mouth shut!


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