Thursday, June 30, 2016

Notes to Self

I have many, many notebooks that have been used over the years. Sometimes if I'm looking for a certain something that I know I have in one of the notebooks, it can take a while before I find the right one, especially if I get side tracked reading all the other things that I hadn't originally been looking for.

Today I came across the list of things I wrote as a note to self if I'm ever a mother-in-law or grandmother.

Some of the items on the list made me chuckle a little, but most were actually good advice to my future self.

A few items on the list:
  • Never give advice, unless it has been requested.
  • Allow each in-law and grandchild to be an individual ... remember no two people or families are alike.
  • Don't tear around with the grandchildren making them all unruly and laugh and say you can teach them what you want once I'm at home.
  • Support the rules they have for your grandchildren.
  • Don't say how well behaved your children used to be, and how you used to get everything done, and how you always kept the house and garden clean. Forgetting the things your children used to do, the clutter in the house, and the weeds in the garden.
  • Never forget children are children and will want to play when they come visit and not have to simply sit on a chair the entire time and smile at me. 


  1. This is a fantastic list! I need to remember these or maybe print them out for future reference! Some of these ideas would be great to employ in day to day life, right now, regardless of the person or child! Especially letting someone be an individual. This was a very thought provoking post! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. When did you write these notes, before you had children?

  3. What an interesting idea for a list. I wish I had done more of this type of list when I was younger.
    I do remember promising myself while in my younger days to never tell future children or grandchildren on the 4th of July "Well, summer is already half over." I was so irritated when adults would talk like this among themselves. It made me feel I had to play, hike, bike and swim much faster to get it all in.

  4. How old were you when you wrote this list? It was all great advice!

  5. My own (dearly sweet) MIL is guilty of the fifth one. Her house was always spotless (before 9am), she worked two jobs, ect, ect. I am not domestically inclined (mess doesn't bother me right away), and it does NOTHING to hear this from her, even in convo's with other people. It is not motivating, it is not helpful. Please stop. :D


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