Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday's Check List

Make a healthy, filling breakfast for LV before he heads off to work. Check.

Return a DVD and books to the library. Check.

Avoid running over three chipmunks, a wild turkey, more than a dozen mallard ducks, a timid bunny, and an indecisive squirrel on my way to the library. Check. Thankfully.

Make alterations on a stack of tops and a dress for Rosebud. Check.

Deep clean and oil the sewing machine. Check.

Get mail out. Oops ... missed the mailman.

Do several loads of odd laundry. Couch covers, sewing machine cover, etc. Check.

Clean front porch of all the dropping rhododendron blossoms. Check.

Read to Buddy. Check. But with more coming up before day is over.

Get things ready for Caprese Stuffed Burgers for supper tonight. Check.

Hit my word goal for the day. Excuse me while I go try to make that I can check that off my list as well.


  1. Goodness! You've been busy. Since I have nasty headache I've done literally nothing today.

  2. I love crossing off a to-do list. But I rarely have any chipmunks, wild turkeys or mallard ducks on it, unfortunately.

  3. I miss deep cleaning and oiling my sewing machine.Since I have a computerized I can't do it.


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