Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Few Things .....

.... I'm thankful for.
  • That summer is officially over. I don't do well with heat, so the welcome crisp, cool days of fall are something I really, really enjoy.
  • For good friends, they mean more to me than I can tell.
  • An alarm clock that actually works. The one I used to detest finally quit working, and after several days of not waking up on time, it's actually nice having a dependable alarm clock again.
  • Books. As a family of bookworms, I am so thankful for all the quality books available to read and the authors that have taken the time to write them.
  • A son who has bravely stepped up to take care of the mice that had been terrifying his mother.
  • Family. I could get all mushy here, but truly I am so grateful every single day for the life I have been allowed to experience with those I love the most. It's not the material things that matter in this life, it's the people. We have experienced, still are experiencing this truth.


  1. What a nice thankful list. I too am thankful for my family and my friends.

  2. I could have written the same list except the son and the mice. I fear my sons detest spiders and mice as much as their Mom! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am thankful for you. You lift us up and make us laugh.

  4. I love Fall, too., but I always expect mice with it and they have arrived. I have had 2 encounters with them this week. I have a cold and needed some hot tea in the night to calm my coughing and that mouse sent me flying upstairs in the middle of last night for my husband. I feel silly, but they scare me. He kindly came down and made me some tea!! I get braver after a few encounters, because he is not always here to save me - I just make lots of noise before I enter each room and turn lights on and wait a minute for them to hide. They will be gone shortly. Ewe and spiders!! They want in here, too. If they are not too big and yukky and will carefully pick them up in tissue and put them out. But nasty big ones, I go all girly and flop. Are your trees all turning? Ours are so pretty ( Indiana).

  5. I am SO happy it's cooled off. Although here (SC) is likely still a good bit warmer than where you are.

    Still, it's supposed to get to only about 80 degrees today, and then drop to the 70s - I'll take it.

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  7. I also love fall and winter, and the cooler days are very welcome here, too. The Squire is terrified of spiders, so he's no help in that department. I am not afraid of mice; I know they are dirty, so we set live traps and take them out to the compost pile to fend for themselves. (Along with a handful of cat food or birdseed to "tide them over".) When I was in high school my nickname was "The Mouse", because I was so shy, so I suppose that's why I have a soft spot for them.

    Now ants, on the other hand, are another matter entirely.


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