Monday, March 30, 2015


How and why there seem to always be a sock or two that remains unmatched when ever we do the laundry has always been a mystery to me.

The mystery continues to get more mystifying to me. I have heard several different explanations ranging from dryer lint obviously being the cremated remains of socks to the suspicion that they actually turn into extra Tupperware lids.

I don't have any Tupperware lids so I'm scratching that possibility off the list. There is a new thing I'm adding to the list of possibilities today.

Apparently socks run away. That may sound too simple, but let me explain.

Spring seems to be here, the snow has melted, revealing - you guessed it - socks!

There are several bedraggled sorry looking socks out in the yard. Why? How? When?

I don't understand. I know that no one in our family was walking through the yard this winter and suddenly decided to remove a sock and bury it in the snow. Neither did any of us decide to open the door and fling a sock outside as hard as we could. So how did it get there?

There seems to only be one answer. In order to escape the soapy depths of the washing machine several socks tried making an escape and succumbed to hypothermia and died in our yard, only to be discovered once all the snow was gone.

They have been retrieved, and now I'm debating whether or not to hang them up in the laundry room to serve as an example to all the other socks what happens when one of them try to make an untimely escape.


  1. The mystery of the disappearing sock is alive and well here too.

  2. I had that problem when our children still lived at home. However, when they moved out, the socks seem to stop running away. Blessings,

    1. Oh, Betsy, that doesn't seem to have helped here. My husband always has odd socks. I use them for dusting, and also keep one in the car to use as a glove when I pump gas in the winter.
      The most mysterious thing I've had happen is a missing pillow case. I fold my sheets and one pillow case, and then slip the entire business inside the other case, so everything is together. I took both pillow cases and laid them on the cedar chest while I made the bed, and one case crawled off someplace, never to be found again. Not on the floor, not in the chair - I even looked between the mattress and the box spring. Nada. That was a year ago, and that blasted thing is still missing.

  3. I keep a sock "time out" on top of my dresser in a big basket. Socks that have lost their mates stay there until I can match them again. Unfortunately, some of them have been single for 5 years or so.... I can't bring myself to throw them away, least their mate show up.

    1. Our Laundromat has a sign, with clip clothes pins dangling from it, which reads "Clean, Single, and Looking For a Mate". Socks come and go...


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