Friday, September 2, 2011

More Windmills

Day after day there has been different activity going on around here. It started when this ugly contraption labored it's way up the road and turned onto a narrow trail leading to a nearby mountain. All sorts of other vehicles joined it including a water truck that filled it's tanks multiple times a day with water from our little creek that was already reduced to little more than a trickle right here next to the house.

We have learned that they are planning on building quite a few of those huge windmills. While we realize it is good to be able to use wind to produce electricity we can't help but feel a little sad at all the land that will be swallowed and scenery changed because of this project.


  1. Oh, if it were the old windmills it would be such a beauty to see. When we are in the midwest USA & visited Holland we truly enjoyed the beauty of them whirling away against the beautiful sky. But these new kinds are not attractive.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Mary Ann.
    TTFN ~

  2. My husband helped build a wind turbine farm last year. Whenever I drive by, I have to admit that the wind turbines are graceful-looking and a far better sight to look at than belching smoke stacks and nuclear towers.

  3. I thought the same when windmills were installed at my grandmother´s little town, but now they are part of the sight, and really, they do look good, very graceful. Besides, your children will love them: once they are built, i´m sure you can go there and look at them close up. They are amazing machines!

  4. I love windmills. I have never seen one that was being used up close, but they are so creative... Such a wonderful invention. Thank you for sharing! ;)

    Blessings in Christ,

  5. The same thing is happening where I live in PA. I hate to see them as part of he landscape!

  6. Near Palm Spring, CA is a virtual sea of windmilss. I know they're vital, but they're about a ugly as ugly can be. You'd think, in this day of all this technological, they could disguise them to look like trees; of build them underground and come up with some system for drawing wind there. :(

  7. There is a wind farm about 150 miles from us ... it is SOOOO ugly and has RUINED the beautiful scenery that was once there.
    Although wind turbines are marketed as "green energy", the cost to build them (the steel and most mechanical parts are manufactured overseas where environmental precautions do not exist) & maintain them is not very "green". The life of the wind turbine machine will "die" of rust long before any significant financial or manufacturing investments are recovered.
    Individual (private at your own home or small business) solar is MUCH more cost effective and "green" (even though many solar pannels are now manufactured overseas as well). However, this will NEVER be mass marketed because if private citizens harvested their own electrical power via solar, then the federal government can't tax it. The wind farms are tied into the national electric grids (there are 3 - eastern U.S., western U.S. & Texas), thus, providing additional tax revenue for the federal government.

    I am sorry to hear that the beautiful scenery on your nearby mountain will be lost - it is so very sad.

  8. That's happening all over. It's one of those bitter sweet things... On the one hand it's fantastic because it means natural energy, on the other hand it's an awful blot on the landscape. *Sigh*

  9. As a person with partial complex seizures (epilepsy), I cannot enjoy those windmills. I cannot even drive by them because I get seizures. A friend of ours had a neighbor, who had a dairy farm, his cow quit giving milk after one of these wind farms came in next to his, they were young cows. One lady in a church of our friend, had to move because her son has epilepsy and the seizure got worse and worse with each afternoon sun shining through those windmills. They do not justify the expense, as the one lady stated; they do not pay for themselves. There is turbine technology that is cheaper and does not cause the strobe effect on people or animals but it is not manufactured overseas. I agree that man has a way of doing what he thinks is best for himself and not seeking God’s will.
    Mrs. J.

  10. The windmills may not look so great but they are much needed. As far as them paying for themselves, that's not what it is about. It's about using cleaner energy...instead of polluting oil, gas an nuclear power. I'm all for anything more natural even if it does cost more. Because in the long's saving our Earth. Great blog by the way!

  11. They are still debating building windmills right off shore which will certainly change the way we watch the waves.
    Blessings, Joanne


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