Saturday, September 17, 2011

The ABC's of .......

Some of my likes and dislikes.  I thought it might be fun to do a little list of things again. Things you may or may not know about me.
A - airplanes. I have absolutely no desire or plans to ever travel by air.
B - babies. So sweet, innocent, and adorable. What's not to love about a baby?
C- children. They make life a better place in so many different ways. I love listening to them play and sing and the times spent working and playing together are priceless.
D- dandelions. So it might be the accepted thing to not like dandelions but somehow the bright yellow cheerful flowers make me smile especially when I'm presented with a bouquet of them or see a carefully woven dandelion chain.
E- earthworms. Make me shiver with disgust and repulsion. Especially when they litter the driveway after a rain.
F- flowers. Almost any kind of flowers help cheer up a day whether they are in a bouquet displayed on the middle of the table or I see a wildflower blooming in a little unknown and hardly ever seen place.
G- games. Relaxing with the children on a Sunday afternoon playing our favorite board games is always fun.
H- home. The sweetest place on earth.
I- ice-cream. Sorry, I don't like it. It always looks good but a bite or two is always more than enough for me unless it's a McDonald's vanilla ice-cream cone. That is the only ice-cream I can enjoy.
J- jams. Love the kind you spread on bread. Detest the ones that involve traffic.
K- kittens. While I admit that they are cute I still don't want to hold or pet them. I don't know when that changed since I used to love them as a child.
L- lights. The more and brighter the better. I don't enjoy dimly lit houses.
M- mealtimes. Having everyone at the table talking and enjoying the food I prepared is always a great feeling.
N- nuts. Especially cashews roasted like my Mom used to make them.
O- olives. I have no idea why I like them so well.
P- parrots or parakeets. Not a fan. They're pretty but I don't like the noise they make or when they fly around a room I always have the urge to duck and run.
Q- quilts. Pretty ones, soft cuddly ones, thick ones, thin ones. I have a thing for quilts and in my opinion you can never have too many.
R- rainy days. There is something about rainy days that I really like. they are so relaxing. The rain splashing against the window panes and being inside where it's warm and dry. My idea of a lovely day!
S- sunshine. As much as I love rainy days I also enjoy bright sunny days that follow a week of rainy days.
T- tinsel. As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed seeing tinsel. As a child that was only when we went to town during the Christmas season but now I get to enjoy it much more close-up.
U- umbrellas. Don't like them. I would rather dash through the rain than use one.
V- vacations and vegetables tie for the V. I really, really enjoy both of them. Being on a vacation and eating vegetables prepared in new delicious ways is great!
W- waterfalls. There is something so soothing about listening to the sound of a waterfall. I am blessed to have one that I can listen to and see from our house.
X- x-rays. Don't like them but glad they are available when needed.
Y- yo-yo's. I have a fascination with them but have never been able to figure out how to use one properly.
Z- zoo. I am assuming I would enjoy visiting one but have never been to one in my lifetime.


  1. Interesting post. I don't like cats at all. Our neighbors have them and let them roam free which I don't like when they come over to "watch" the birds with us.
    I've been to the zoo in our area and was grieved for the poor animals that will never know how life should have been for them. I saw an ostrich peck at the gate lock until its beak bled. Sad.

  2. We like dandelions too, but more because we enjoy frying them up and eating them. I know, I know, most people think that's gross and never even give them a chance. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that. But we love them!

  3. Will Miss Kristina please tell us how she fries dandelions? I wold love to know.
    I like kittens but when they grow up they sometimes bite and it hurts so I'm sort of scared of them.

  4. You pick them (carefully...and I wouldn't recommend it if you live in town and don't know how many animals trail through your yard). Anyway you just kinda grab the bloom in between your fingers and pull, basically you just want the flower, and you want them to be nice and yellow. But don't pick them unless you are ready to deal with them right then because they are better when fresh. I usually take them inside and put them in a colander and rinse them very well. Then I dredge them in flour with salt and pepper and deep fry them in butter flavored crisco. You can use other oils to fry them, but we never think it tastes quite as good. Drain them on paper towels and serve immediately

  5. With the exception of me not liking cashews and olives,this could be my list. Thanks for sharing.


  6. There are many things on this list I agree with your opinion. I have been in airplane and like the small ones, especially in the fall, flying over the country you see the beautiful quilt God made in the landscape. All the colors of fall, with the changing trees and just before the harvest of the fields, the colors are vibrant and the quilt is amazing.

    Love children and all they bring into our lives, especially the new way they have of looking at things. It is like seeing something for the first time through their eyes, with all the delight of their hearts.

    Like you, I hate dimly lit homes, but economy sometimes dictates such. I like all kinds of flowers, even some of them with unpleasant smells. Their beauty speaks of God creation and their scent of my humble need of His touch. Rainy days are not my favorite as the mold in this 100-year-old home acts up and makes the home smell. It is permeated in the walls, not much we can do about it but tear the home down and rebuild without God’s intervention that is not possible.

    I agree with you on umbrellas, but waterfalls well we have had too many water pipes break in this home and it sort of makes me not like the sound of running water. I never liked the zoo even with my own children, as the smell from the animals made me sick. On the farm you never got things that bad as it must me that the barns just allow more air through to make things fresher.

    Thank your for sharing a part of your life, God bless you.
    Mrs. J.

  7. An interesting list. I have flown several times, and it's like childbirth - never gets easier and I don't enjoy the experience, thank you very much. Done each three times, and that takes care of *that*.

    Oddly enough, most of the things you don't like, I do. Around the house, I always pickup earthworms and toss them back into the grass, hoping they'll find their way home. I don't do it in public because it embarrasses my husband, poor soul. Adore kittens - and cats - and I am just now (almost 70) learning to enjoy ice cream.

    My mom had a parrot named Walter who used to eat bread and butter. He'd sit on her shoulder, balancing on one leg, holding a crust of bread - with lots of butter - in the other claw, eat off all the butter and then hand it back for a "refill". He also enjoyed a sip of wine, which she would give him in a teaspoon. My dad used to keep chicken bones on a shelf near Walter's cage, and would give him one to eat when we had children visiting. "See what he does to the bone? Now, keep your hands any from his cage." Hadn't thought about that bird in years!

    I've never been able to master a yo-yo, either. I think it's a male thing, honestly.

    New zoos are designed to duplicate the animals' native habitat. Many animals are extinct in the wild, and the only breeding stock left is in zoos, with a hope to eventually re-introduce them to the wild. Unfortunately, elephants and rhinos will probably only exist in zoos in a few more years, due to poaching.

  8. I've got to chuckle: Your "A" is a sure sign that your "Z" might not happen :)

  9. Babies and children are always great to have around.

    Nothing wrong with dandelions... I have a friend who absolutely loves them, so when I see them I always think of her... Now I'll probably think of you too! :)

    I get fed up of ice-cream quickly these days too. Not as quickly as you, but too quickly to make it worthwhile buying any on a regular basis. I really have to be in the mood for it.

    LOL @ your jam bit... I agree! ;)

    And I'm with you on umbrellas and waterfalls for sure!

    I used to be good with a yo-yo, and had a great collection of them (they were big when I was in my teens, and all these new ones were out, so I had a collection). I don't know what happened to them though... Some may be in my parents' attic, but I'm pretty sure a few of them were stolen (but can't proove it).

    You should really go to a zoo! You'll love it (and so will the children).

  10. It's not exactly a zoo, but if you're ever in southeastern Ohio (May-October) you could visit The Wilds. It's really fascinating.

  11. What a fun idea! I enjoy getting to know you. I love your blog!

    Please stop by my tea blog to claim an award! http://lifegave

  12. Vegetables make me happy too! In fact I just found a new zucchini recipe that surprised me with how good it was and want to share:

    Some how in all my years cooking I never thought to add almonds to zucchini.

  13. and I thought I was the only one who didn't like umbrellas! :)

  14. Come to think of it, I don't mind umbrellas, but I loathe wearing boots. I have VERY fair skin and have had a few small skin cansers removed, so I carry an umbrella all summer to keep the sun off my face and arms. Portable shade.

    Boots - if they are the sort you can wear instead of shoes, I don't mind them so much (especially when it snows!) but I dislike galoshes or overshoes. Clementine and her herring boxes have nothing on me and galoshes!

  15. I always read your blog but don't leave much comments (sorry !!). But this times I had too because the whole list you write down, that could be my list... all those things is also about me LOL except for the T (tinsel), I don't like that sprankling stuff, I'm more for natural things. So the T would be for me the T for texile. I love texile and fabrics to use in the quilts I make.

  16. Interesting post! I am wondering exactly why you do not want to fly in airplanes. I personally find them to be a good way to travel to travel long distances. I like looking out the windows, especially when it is almost time to land at home and I can try to see local landmarks!
    I have been to several different zoos and think that you and your family would enjoy visiting one.


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