Monday, September 26, 2011

Church Decisions

After three months of having Mahlon stay with us while he recovered from his accident he moved back to his home.

As he had been recovering we once again regularly attended the church 150 miles away and still listened to the other pastors sermons on CD on our way to and from church. Though we liked the church we were attending the best part of the day was listening to the CDs as we traveled.

As our first year anniversary of leaving the Amish approached I was starting to have serious problems with my gall bladder. I had dealt with attacks for years already but this was being so much worse and there were no pain free days. It got so bad that it was torture trying to ride in our vehicle since every little bump made it hurt worse.

LV wanted to take me to the hospital but I was sure that with enough time I would get over it. Days turned into weeks and I kept getting worse instead of better and so we opted to go to the church nearby instead of making that long trip every Sunday.

Finally it got so bad that I couldn't even keep a sip of water down and LV practically dragged me to the ER and by this time I was so sick I didn't care what happened. When we got there the doctors did a few tests and immediately a sense of urgency came up as they tucked me into an ambulance and I was on my way to surgery. My gall bladder had burst and needed immediate attention.

LV stayed with me as much as he could but the children also needed him so evenings he would head home to be with them. My sister-in-law showed once again that she had a heart of gold and spent several nights in the hospital. She made an excellent nurse and I was very grateful to have her there.

After a little more than a week in the hospital I was released and ever so happy to be able to go home. It took quite a while to recover from everything and once again we decided to attend the local church until I could comfortably ride that long distance to the other one.


  1. I'm glad you made it through the gall bladder attack okay. That must have been a very painful ordeal.
    I've noticed how the Lord sometimes gives us the greatest guidance during the times that seem to be the worst trials in our lives. Have a great day! :)

  2. I'm glad you made it through OK... Thank goodness LV dragged you to hospital when he did!

  3. Why is it that we are so stubborn as to not listen to our bodies. I've grown 'too soon old and too late smart'....but I've finally learned. Pain means something needs to be attended to. I'm glad that LV dragged you to the ER and the situation was resolved. It was actually while I was awaiting gall bladder surgery that I had my salvation experience! Thank you, Lord, for using any and everything to speak to our hearts!

  4. Praise the Lord you made it through!! That must have been a painful experience. I am glad that you could then take the long ride to church in rest. ;) Thank you for sharing!


  5. Glad everything worked out, the Lord was watching over you through all that. It will be interesting to hear just where you settled for a home church.
    Mrs. J.

  6. Thank God you went to the hospital when you did!
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. I'm assuming you had your gallbladder I did 21 years ago (1 attack was all it took as it was so painful that when the doctor said I had so many gallstones that it must come out, I said "yes please"). Now, the worst is enduring my husband's jokes about me not having any gall. :)

  8. Gall bladder attacks are no fun. God was so good to prompt you to seek medical help when He did. He's always right on time!

    I can't imagine driving 150 miles to church. We drive 5 miles to church, and sometimes even that seems too long. LOL

    I'm amazed that you'd been listening to and loving those preaching tapes from the preacher at the local church while still attending the other church that was so far away. Do you think maybe God was trying to get your attention? ;)


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