Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn Days

As most of you know, fall is my favorite season. There's something about the crisp clear days that do something to me that no other season does and I enjoy it to the fullest.

A lot of the trees are starting to show a little color but the tree in front of our house is a little ahead of most and is losing a lot of leaves already. It did a great job of providing a delightful shade and keeping the house cooler this summer so it's entitled to getting to rest a little longer than most trees.

The flower bed in front of the house had a variety of flowers throughout this summer but most of those are gone. One plant decided to produce one last splash of color before a killing frost comes along. It's blooms are a lovely lavender and almost six inches in diameter. I have no idea what kind of flower it is but that doesn't keep me from admiring it.

Sunbeam came running into the house excited about the katydid on the front porch. We hear katydids all night every night but to actually get to see one is very rare since they live in tree tops and can't fly. This poor thing must have blown out when it was extra windy yesterday so now it has a long climb ahead of it to get back to it's home in the tree top.

The children were playing on the hill behind the house last evening and happened to discover several apple trees we had not known were there. Most times apples that grow wild and unattended are small, gnarled, and wormy. But these are huge, clean, and juicy. I think we'll be making Apple Goodie for dessert tonight. One of our favorites!


Karen said...

I believe the flower is some sort of Clematis.

Please post a picture of your Apple Goodie and a recipe!

Toriz said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful Autumn so far! :)

Magnolia Tea said...

We love this time of year, too.
The apples are an awesome find. I'd make fried apple pies & apple butter with them, for sure. Your Apple Goodie sounds delicious.
I think your flower is a clematis, too. It will probably climb next spring if it doesn't get pulled up. One of mine is blooming just a bit, also.
Have a great autumn day!

Shelley said...

Autumn is my favorite too...what a blessing were the apple trees....they are quite expensive here in the stores..... Apple Goodie,never tried it but,sounds yummy....blessings

Annie Jones said...

I agree with the others that the flower is probably a clematis. Two of mine had a late round of blossoms a couple of weeks ago, too. :)

65 Roses for Marcia said...

I love Fall too. Apple Goodie is on the menu for tonight here too! Love it!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Ahhh, the sound of katydids. It is one of the sounds from my childhood that I enjoyed the most.

Thank you for the reminder. :)...Marsha

Mikailah said...

Fall is such a beautiful season... probably my favorite too! ;) I have never seen a katydid. How neat! And what delicious looking apples! Enjoy your dessert!


Mrs. J. and Miss J. said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures, really liked the tree and flowers not so much the bug.
Mrs. J.

timesgirl910 said...

The flower is a Clematis, and looking at the colour I think the variety is a Nelly Mooser.
I would love the recipe for Apple Goodie.

bristowmom said...

I've learned something from you today: we have "Katydid's" here in Taiwan but I didn't know that was what they were called. We called them leaf bugs, because we think they look like leaves.

Mrs. T said...

What a treat! I would love to discover an apple tree!!

Linda from KY said...

Fall is my favorite season, too. I love "sweater weather," when you can wear warm clothes without necessarily needing a jacket. I believe fall is one of the best seasons for God to show his artistry by the beautiful fall colors in the leaves of trees and bushes, and in the fall flowers.

Our black-eyed susans decided to bloom one last time. They look so pretty, and the colors are so appropriate for fall.

You must be so pleased that your children found some apple trees with some good fruit to enjoy. Have you posted the recipe for Apple Goodie before? I'm going to peruse your archives to check. ;)

Marytoo said...

Autumn is my far and away favorite as well! It makes me homesick for someplace I have never been.