Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Several months after leaving the Amish we received a phone call letting us know that my brother Mahlon had a bad accident on the construction job where he had been working. He suffered from a fractured skull and other broken bones and needed a place to stay after being released from the hospital to recuperate for three months.

We were more than happy to let him stay with us and went to bring him home from the hospital. The next weekend we realized that we wouldn't want to be making our 150 mile trip to church with him not feeling the best and decided we would instead attend the nearby church that our neighbor pastored. We had been enjoying the sermons on CD for a while already and looked forward to attending.

Walking into the church LV and I both felt like this was the place where we needed to be. There was something there that had still been missing from the church we had been attending and it seemed as if something was telling us that our search for a church home was over. It was not what we had ever imagined we would do having thought joining a Mennonite church would be our answer and this was certainly not a Mennonite church.

We decided to attend this church until Mahlon was feeling better and able to join us on the long ride to the church we had been attending before he had his accident. We wanted to be sure before we made a final decision on what we would be calling "our" church.


  1. It is so wonderful how God is leading you through this. He has a way of leading our paths in directions we never would have thought. I have not had an opportunity to listen to the sermons on CD but have make a note of it when I can find some time. I was raised by an atheist father who attended the Methodist church and a Catholic mother. Needless to say I was confused about religion but once I found the message of the cross of Christ all confusion left, the freedom of salvation over works is a wonderful message.
    Mrs. J.

  2. Your journey is fascinating to me. Isn't it just amazing how the Lord leads us from one phase in our lives to the next. I'd love to hear more about the services. Have a great day.

  3. Yes, you had to be certain before making a final decision... That's how it is with all things that would affect your life as much as that would!

  4. It's that comfortin' voice of God's spirit that let's you know that your in the place He wants you to be.

    You sweet sister have had such a unique journey and I for one am glad you've been so open to share it.

    God bless and have a most beautiful evenin'! :o)


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