Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Backdoor Visitors

I was surprised recently when I stepped outside our back door and saw three baby raccoons. They hurried up a nearby tree but the one had to pause long enough to curiously watch me take his picture.

I think raccons are cute but there was a time when our family did not feel that way. 

It all started when my 9 year old brother Mahlon was walking to school by himself and was surprised to be greeted by a snarling raccoon that came hissing madly at him. At first he tried to scare it away but he couldn't persuade it to leave as it kept trying to bite him.

After quite a tussle which involved Mahlon using his pocket knife and feet he actually killed it. He felt quite victorious and jubilant at his accomplishment and bore his scratched hands with boyish pride until he came home from school and told Mom and Daddy about it and they were of-course immediately afraid the 'coon had rabies.

After telling the health department about it they came and got the 'coon and tested it and we all groaned when the results came back positive for rabies. Mahlon had already gotten one shot as a precaution but now he would have to get a series of shots to keep him healthy.

We were all relieved when that period of time was over and Though I still think raccoons are cute I always make sure to keep my distance from any I happen to see.


  1. One summer when I was a child we rented a cabin up north for a vacation and actually fed the raccoons that came by at night. Hard to believe, I know! The owner did not and at all, and those coons were very tame. Not at all rabid. I can't believe Mahlon killed it with a pocket knife. Most of us would have ran for our lives!

  2. The raccoon photo is cute, but you're smart to keep your distance.

  3. Cute, but cunning thieves of the hen house.

  4. I'm wary of racoons for that very reason. We had a sick raccoon here a few years ago. It looked fine just sitting in the yard, but it was day light and when it finally did move, it dragged its legs behind it. Thankfully, it never returned and I kept my son out of the yard until it rained. I was that petrified of any rabies spit. Silly maybe.

  5. How cute is that!? I'm so happy your camera was close by - that's a great shot. And your brother killed a raccoon with just a pocket knife? Good job - I get grossed out just squishing a spider. ICK!

  6. That's a nice picture :)
    One night I was trying to sleep but it seemed to be very windy outside. The chimes were really going! I had to look out the window ... it was not windy afterall; a few baby coons were playing with the chimes :) They visited every night (the whole family) and ate from the bird feeders.



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