Friday, August 27, 2010


I missed having a garden this year and enjoying the satisfaction of harvesting delicious fresh vegetables. The children usually have a small garden of their own to care for and were disappointed when that wasn't possible this summer.

So when a neighbor called and asked for Sailor and Rosebud to come harvest her garden they were excited. Their smiles show how much they enjoy working in a garden.

We are already looking forward to growing our own vegetables next year.


  1. Isn't it just great havein' great neighbors who love to share their bounty! That's a couple of great little garden gatherers you've got there. :o)

    God bless ya and have a fantastic Friday enjoyin' the fresh veggies!!!!

  2. They are just beautiful! And what a armful of goodies!
    Eat well friend, Sharon

  3. I've got a neighbor like this. :)

  4. We didn't have a garden this year either and I have really missed it.
    I love the happy smiles on your childrens faces!

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  6. I can't wait to have a yard where it's possible to have a garden!! Nothing better than home-grown ~ ♥

  7. What lovely happy children...and what a huge amount of produce!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog today, it's lead me back to yours as well. I love your stories. Isn't that what blooging should be? I am beginning to get so lost in all the blogland traffic and marketing of "stuff". I enjoy blogs that share photos and memories of day to day life and memories. Your blog is lovely!

  9. Ah, a garden for children (and momma too) is a sweet thing! Found your blog through the imPerfect housewife and am enjoying it...

    I do believe I've visited before! ;)

  10. Thanks so much for your comment the other day. I would probably not have found you all otherwise and I'm greatly appreciative of your blog.

    Our family has long revered the Amish and Mennonite communities for their simplicity, community, and workmanship. Though many of our beliefs would be considered blasphemous, we strive to one day adopt much of the way of life.

    I look forward to reading about the past and future experiences of your family and your beautiful kiddos :)

  11. OH, I know what you mean. I yearn to have a garden to grow some veggies, but alas I'm an apartment dweller and aside from an upside-down tomato plant there's not much for me to home grow. I can see your children were so happy and it's wonderful you are raising them with a healthy love for gardening and reaping what you's a very valuable lesson, plus it tastes sooooo goood :-)

    With Love,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  12. Love the smiles on your kids faces! How precious. Isn't it wonderful to have neighbors like that!

    until next time... nel


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