Monday, August 2, 2010


I was glad once "ordnungs" church and communion were over and the youth could once again gather for their hymn singings. It had been six weeks since we had last had a singing and I missed the rides to and from the singings with LV.

A few days after communion I had to go help one of my aunts can lima beans. As we were in the garden picking beans their son Mervin came and asked if I had heard about LV's accident. I froze and choked out that no I hadn't heard anything and wondered what had happened.

Anna looked at me a little strangely and must have read between the lines. She sent Mervin to go play and then told me what had happened.

The previous evening LV had ridden his brothers horse to go get a quart of goat milk from them and on his way home something went wrong and he couldn't get the horse to slow down before turning onto the gravel road and the horse fell and LV was hurt quite badly. All they had heard was that he had a big puncture wound in his side, and that his thumb was torn off.

I shivered at the news and wanted so much to be able to go see LV instead of spending the rest of the day picking and canning beans. I was also afraid that maybe because of the accident we wouldn't be able to ride to the singings together.

When Sunday came I was happy to see LV at church. His left hand was bandaged but otherwise he still looked like he always did. After we got home from church John told me that LV would stop by to take me to the singing. And I looked forward to seeing evening come.

The ride to the singing was great as we caught up on six weeks worth of conversation, as the horse walked slowly all the way.


  1. I've always been fascinated by the Amish because they live so differently. Maybe you can answer this for me? If the Amish are opposed to so much of the modern technology and way of life, how come they are suddenly OK with modern medicine and hospitals etc? It seems a little backwards that they would shun so much of the outside world, but welcome it when it suits their needs. PLEASE do not think I am JUDGING. It's totally an opinion that I've always thought and wondered about. Thank you in advance! :D
    PS-SOOOOOO glad you are back to talking about you and LV. Been waiting patiently!

  2. I am waiting on Mary Anna's answer to your question.

  3. I have to get over here and read your last few posts, I am behind. Life happens...
    Just wanted you to know you have an award to pick up over by me.
    "A Blog of Substance" award.
    until next time... nel

  4. Sounds like a bad riding accident, but I guess he didn't suffer any permanent injury.

  5. I have always found that sort of thing rather inconsistent as well.

    You may have noticed that even though they do not own cars, they are not forbidden to ride in someone else's car. Also I know of Amish people who have no freezer, but they rent a freezer locker in town to keep their meat and things in. Same thing with the phone. They do not have one in their home, but they are allowed to use a public phone or a neighbor's phone. Also, while they do not use electric tools and appliances, they do use gasoline-powered appliances and power tools.

    I am not Amish, but I had a number of Amish friends when I lived in Tennessee, and I asked them that very same question. Their to-the-point response: "Having that sort of thing in our home would make us lazy."

  6. I guess that makes some sense.

  7. This is my take on that and from the view of the Amish I know:

    They are allowed to use them but not own because owning them would take away time from work, family, helping others etc. Think about it, by owning cars how easy is it to jump in the car and spend the day shopping or doing other things away from home? Whereas if you have to call a neighbor just to run to the store quick, most likely you will just do without. The same thing kind of applies to the hosptials. They do not believe in higher education becuase it is not needed for the careers they choose, they choose those careers becuase it allows them to be at home and spend time with the family and teaching children etc. They are allowed to go to hospitals etc. because it can mean the difference between life and death. God gave us doctors, modern meds etc. and it's a blessing. Shouldn't we do everything possible to stay living in this life God gave unless it is His will not to? I hope this somewhat helped. This is just 1 take on it and I know others will see it different. This is just my take. God bless,


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