Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thawing Out

Once upon a time when I lived in a different part of the country I used to look forward to winter, the thought of blizzards and snow storms was exciting. Our wood shed and coal bins would be filled with enough to keep us warm and cozy until spring arrived. The sound of snow plows, graders, and gigantic snow-blowers were heard regularly as they passed the house often, both night and day to keep the roads open.

Six years ago we moved to a place where winters were said to be nothing, compared to what we were used to. I have to agree with that. The forecast of snow and cold weather now gives us a feeling akin to mild terror. Snow removal equipment and techniques seem to be a foreign thing in this area. If we do have to venture out the roads are terrible and there is always the danger of being run into by a crazy person who thinks snow on roadways equals time to spin in circles and drive with recklessness unmatched at any other time of year. So we try to stay indoors as much as possible but even that isn't a pleasure when you feel like celebrating when the temperature indoors finally reaches 60. My days are spent poking at the wood in the fireplace coaxing and pleading with it to please burn a little hotter and checking and rechecking the heaters to make sure they are set on the highest setting possible. But with all that we still wind up bundling ourselves in coats and blankets dreaming of the day when spring arrives.

Last evening we were invited to one of my husbands brothers that live almost a hundred miles west of us. We jumped at the chance to have a reason to soak up the warmth from the heater in our vehicle. Since the main roads were snow free by then we headed out. It didn't take long until we were once again comfortably warm. The road we travelled took us through an Amish settlement and we met a number of buggies driving along the shoulder of the four lane. The sight of them huddled shivering under their buggy robes made me say a silent thank you that I no longer have to depend on a horse and buggy for my mode of transportation as I reached over and turned the heat up a notch.

Today my husband had to go to town on a business related meeting. When he came home with his arms full of boxes I nearly wept for joy as I helped unpack heaters and get them set up. The house is warming up and we're finally getting to thaw out a little.

It is snowing again right now. I'm still not excited about it at all, but at least I have hopes to no longer be fighting the risk of frostbite from walking through our house.


  1. As temperatures sometimes dip to -20 in January around here, I'm grateful for our excellent heating system. We also have pretty good snowplow service, and neighbors with tractors who scrape our driveway when a lot of snow falls at once.
    Glad you've added a few heaters so you can stay warm! I hope the crazy drivers stay off the roads if much snow falls.

  2. Aloha, I thought I would drop in a warm hello from Hawaii. I enjoyed your blog and I look forward to dropping in again
    New Year wishes from Across the Sea

  3. G'Day, I found your blog via Mountain Momma's and have been enjoying reading it. So glad to hear that your darling Sunbeam is on the mend, she is a brave little thing.
    I have never lived somewhere that is so cold as where you are. A few hours visit to the mountains to see the snow is more than enough for me, but where I live here in Canberra is known to be a cold place in comparison to the rest of Australia. How do you pay for those electricity bills, haha ?

  4. I'm feeling ya right about now! We live in Oklahoma, and NEVER get really bad cold temps, but so far we've had a blizzard and right now the wind chills are in the - temps, and that just never happens. My heater has been running since 2 a.m. this morning, and I'm slightly depressed thinking about how much my gas bill is going to be! Ahhh! Stay warm!

  5. I think my best friend right now is my electric blanket. This cold is the pits. What a great husband to bring home those space heaters - I hope your furnace gets fixed and back to normal soon! Those topless buggies look like somewhere near Springfield to me? And topless?? Who thought that was a good idea?! Mama mia ~ I'm glad you were toasty warm! ♥

  6. I live in Sarasota Florida and have kept the heater running day and night this week. The worse is yet to come as we are expecting snow flurries on Saturday, if it rains.

  7. We are in the south and VERY cold this week too. Wal-Mart and Target have sold out of all their hats and mittens. I'm tired of the cold. Last night they said on the news that this is making history because we have never had a cold spell like this before, ever.

  8. I do NOT like to be cold, so I feel for you in your attempts to stoke the fire in hopes of staying warm. Our wood stove works in mild weather above freezing but it struggles in temps that hover in the teens. We were told the house is too big for the stove so it causes a cold draft as the heat rises away and the cold rushes in to the room. What helps us when it gets like this is to close off the room. One cold night I hung curtains on shower rods in the doorways to our family room and it warmed right up.

  9. I am glad you got some new heaters! Our day without heat was no fun! It is unseasonably cold here where we live. Normally we get this cold in February, but not in January. "They" say we are in for a cold winter. Looking forward to spring..........

  10. Yes, when I lived on the East Coast, they knew about snow and snowplows were at the ready, along with the sand/salt mixtures and so forth. And people knew how to drive and put studded tires or chains on...NOT HERE...they go full seed on the rare black ice, they crash all over during the slightest snow flurry...ugh...they also aren't used to rain and drive all crazy in

    Here's a little hint to help keep you warm: put lotion on your legs and arms -- ues, just cheap lotion -- you will stay so much warmer...

  11. it's about 72 today in Long Beach, California where I live

    I feel sorry for all of you that deal with the cold weather this time of the year.

    God bless you and be careful

  12. So happy for you that you're finally getting warm, and that you are free to use electricity.
    We had a white out today, and I had to come home from work 4 hours early. I wasn't a bit sad...

  13. I have so enjoyed reading through your posts. I will put a link to my blog and be back from time to time. You are a wonderful writer. We too, had decided not to throw the baby out with the bathtub as we left our past fellowship connection. But God has allowed us to slowly release ourselves from traditions that were not place on us by Him.

  14. Dee from Tennessee

    I've got so many layers on in an attempt to stay warm that I look like the character Larry from the old Bob Newhart show. Love your blog and I'm just so thankful that I located it again after computer problems.

  15. "I put a cast iron pot of water with liquid potpourri on the top of our stove. This increases the humidity in the room and puts a lovely smell in the air.
    Humidity warms the air and keeps us comfy!
    Air conditioning takes out humidity to keep us cool.
    Using this method helps reduce cost of utilities in cold months !!!

  16. She's too cute with that little head popping out from under the covers!

  17. Your little sweetheart looks so cute tucked into the beautiful quilt. So does her dolly.
    I hope it warms up for you really soon. It's not fun to be cold.
    Our temps are in the mid
    40's right now but it's damp from all the rain. My little house is heated by a free standing natural gas stove but the heat doesn't get to all the rooms very well. I am always wearing two shirts and warm sox and slippers this time of year.
    I am really looking forward to spring and the more frequent visits of Mrs. Sunshine.
    God Bless you and yours.

  18. I live in the Upper Penninsula of MI and I am rather fond of winter. We are totally lacking snow this year...please send any and ALL that you get my way!!! I'll accept it with open arms. In the meantime I hope you stay warm. I enjoy your blog so much!!

  19. nice post. thanks.


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