Friday, January 15, 2010

Moments of Stupidity

I have had my share of moments of stupidity, but I made one that I won't be repeating if I can help it. This moment of stupidity began when I got this brilliant idea to spend the day at my mother-in-law's house.

She asked me if I would be interested to come and help her go through her books and all her craft things because she wants to get rid of most of them since they are remodeling their house. The hint of free books and knowing the many great ones she has I told her I would come.

Now comes the stupid part..... They live nine miles from us which isn't that bad if I would have my husband drop me off before he goes to his job in the woods as a logger. But being the ninny I am I got to feeling all young and energetic and told him since it warmed up to almost 40 it would be the perfect weather for me to take a walk. Cold enough that once you get warmed up from walking it's perfect. My husband looked a little dubious that I could do that, but I assured him I really want to, if he would come pick us up then in the evening. (Why don't I learn my husband really is a wise man?) I got up at 4 and did my morning things and then roused everyone else and stuffed some food into their mouths, bundled the children into their warm clothes, set Sunbeam in an old umbrella stroller we had stashed in the tack room in the barn. Hanging my purse on the stroller handle I started off.

It didn't take us long to discover that almost everyone in our area has several dogs and they all enjoy barking furiously at anyone stupid enough to take a nine mile walk. I am not a big fan of other peoples big dogs to begin with and the ones that barked around our feet didn't appear cute nor friendly.

Sailor and Rosebud had no problem with all their energy but a little more than a mile down the road I started wondering why I thought this was such a good idea, but pride kept me from reaching into my purse and getting my cell phone and calling my husband to come rescue me. And so I kept going. Six miles later I got to the post office in our little town where I wondered how on earth I'm supposed to make it the remaining three to their house. But I kept going. Sailor and Rosebud still had a bounce in their step as they enjoyed the slow pace and seeing things they never had the chance to by whizzing past at 50 mph. I was much to tired to help them enjoy anything as I plodded on pushing Sunbeam in her stroller.

We paused a moment on the bridge that passed over the 4 lane and watched as the traffic whizzed under us with people comfortably sitting in their vehicles. And I pondered a moment at my supposed sanity that I would willingly opt to walk instead of taking a vehicle.

We kept going, past the truck stop, past the sale barn that was crowded with farmers and ranchers from all over since this was their monthly special dairy sale. The thought of going inside and finding a seat to rest my weary bones was very appealing but I trudged on.

Once we finally got to the little dirt road my in-laws live on Sailor and Rosebud asked if they can run ahead. I gave them permission and they ran the remaining half mile. I was thoroughly envious at all their energy as I gasped for breath and wearily dragged one foot in front of the other. Once I finally got to their house I collapsed on a chair but my poor feet wouldn't quit throbbing. I finally took my shoes off and discovered huge blisters that were already popped on both feet.

I felt like going to bed and sleeping till the end of the month but I helped sort the books and stuff and secretly sent a text to my husband to please come get me as soon as possible. He came by late afternoon and then decided to let me buy a pizza at Wal-Mart before we go home. I got our favorite and then also a big box of creme filled Krispy Kreme donuts. I figured with all the calories I burned I had better replace them somehow. I want to lose weight but not that way and I didn't want to risk having my husband encouraging me to take another long walk.


  1. I actually like really long walks, but perhaps it's better to build up to them. About a mile is plenty for a beginner. What a good sport to still help your dear mother-in-love with her books! I say your weary feet deserve a good soak in warm water and Epsom salts, and you deserve a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Smiles,


  2. A good warm bath with 3-4 cups of apple cider vinegar will help with any soreness you might have. Definitely a good foot soaking like Amelie suggested is in order.

    ~Mrs. M

  3. We're always younger in our heads and Hearts than we are in our bodies

  4. We're always younger in our heads and Hearts than we are in our bodies

  5. well i am darned impressed that you would even attempt a nine mile walk. good for you. krispy kreme donuts make every thing better!

  6. What a story of perseverance! Glad everyone made it and still had energy leftover--By the way, I think a box of Krispy Kremes can make ANYTHING feel better and cure everything too! :-)

  7. And I call it a big day when I walk 3 blocks out and 3 blocks back! Hey but you did it! I remember as a youngster walking all over our little town and never thought a thing of all the hills. now those hills about kill me!

  8. I'm going to soak my feet and eat some pizza and donuts in honor of your accomplishment ~ I am SUCH a good friend, aren't I??? I bet you all slept so well that night, even your husband who was secretly thinking, 'I told you so honey'. Being a smart man, I'm sure he never actually said the words. HA HA But the main thing is YOU DID IT!! Good job!! ☺

  9. Oh MaryAnn! You walked all the way from your house to Mrs.S's house!!!
    My feet (and back and hips and shoulders) are hurting for you. Bless your heart. I love you! You make me feel better about all the stuff I do that I should have thought better off.

    Tell your husband I said he is a champ and the second best husband ever. (mine being the first best of course)

  10. Oh your poor feet. Try to keep them very warm, so that the blisters can heal. They won't heal if the feet are chilled...

  11. I'm very impressed. I don't even walk to the mailbox. But I do enjoy Wal-mart pizza and Krispy Kreme - that explains my need to lose weight. I hope you keep walking, but maybe next time you take a little shorter trip.

  12. Oh my! Good for you! I don't think I would have made it 1 mile! lol I used to be able to do that, but years of not doing anything but carrying babies has really put me out of shape.
    I hope to be able to get back in shape soon. :)

  13. Maybe it's a good thing sometimes we think we can do more than we actually can :)...then again...maybe not! I know I have gotten myself in many 'predicaments' too...the ones that halfway through I wonder what in the world I am doing? But by then it is too late to get out of it.

    I hope you thorougly enjoyed your donuts :) I know I would have!


  14. I applaud you for walking that far, there is no way I would even attempt that kind of a walk. I too so many times do some thing that my dh may question and then wonder why I didn't listen to him.
    Pizza and doughnuts can help about anything:o)

  15. Your optimisim makes me smile. I think you were a very brave young lady to even think of walking so far,and especially with children adn pushing the stroller.
    I used to love walking but only attempted a really long one when I was around fifteen. I had to call my father to come get me when I was still about five miles from home, but had made it about eight miles before then.

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. Never in my wildest dreams would I think of walking nine miles. I am exhausted thinking about it. Three miles are about my limit.

  17. I grew up in a town with bus service...a good one...and it was fairly could get transfers if needed to go further...but still in good weather we walked...but we were younger...and healthier LOL...and there wasn't all that much to see that we haven't already seen...LOL..but I do admire your perseverence...I would have been calling hubby...HELPPPPP!!!! LOL...but the big question is...did you get any books???? sure hope can look at them while you are recooperating??? happy day...hugs Ora in KY

  18. Wow, I'm impressed. I'm not sure my pride would carry me that far! LOL. :o) I know me, I would have pulled out the cell phone. But I admire that you didn't quit what you set out to do and STILL helped your M-N-L out!

  19. Your children will probably always remember that walk fondly--what a great adventure! You wonder how many "adventures" we had with our parents were secretly regretted by them.

  20. Thank you for stopping by my blog and nice to meet you! I loved this story...and I agree that the Krispy Creme donuts are definetly a REWARD for those many weary miles..

    I am anxious to read your about your spiritual journey...

    God bless..

  21. HAHAAA!
    Your last couple of sentences had me laughing out loud!
    ...replace the calories...don't want him to encourage you to take another long walk...

    I'd have never made it.
    Says something for your persistence! =)

  22. Sounds like something I would do....OK, sounds very similar to something I have been known to do.


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