Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter-Time Projects

I enjoy winter evening when you can relax and enjoy family times and watch as the children's creative side comes out.

Sailor spent hours creating the blueprint of a town he wants to build once he's old enough. He used a huge piece of paper and I'm wishing there was a way I could laminate and frame it for him. There are enough unique places on it that I think it's a shame to just let it get worn and ugly and discarded. The Museum of Leaves and Lake Fishing Hook are two of my favorite spots on it.

I'm not quite sure what to think of Rosebud's creation except that I'll be filing it away for chuckles in years to come.

Sunbeam spends most of her evenings with her favorite Hello Kitty coloring book.

And I have been trying my hand at being creative too. I enjoy this type of thing, but since this is the first one I made after four years of setting my projects aside I'm a little rusty. My second one is looking much better but since it isn't quite done yet I'll just share a picture of my first attempt at making a beaded mobile.

So, do you have any projects you enjoy working on during the winter?


  1. Wow, I loved your post. I like your son's city. Print shops laminate or you can get clear contact paper and do it yourself! It is worth saving.

    I love your mobile. I have one that was purchased with a big bell at the top and strings holding small clay bells that form this shape. They are sold here but don't come cheap! Yours is much prettier. You are a talented gal.

    Thanks for sharing... ~~ MM
    in the D.R.

  2. That is an awesome blueprint.
    And your mobile looks great!
    I usually sew during the winter. But then, I do that all year 'round! I'm currently making myself some jumpers. And I have a few to finish for the girls too. Always sewing for these growing girls! Thankfully the two oldest are picking it up too.

  3. Your son's city is great! So creative. And I love your beaded mobile.

  4. You aren't too rusty. That is beautiful. I had to put my crafting aside for many years when I had younger children.

  5. It looks as though you have a budding architect in the family!

  6. Oscar and Janet on their wedding day?! SOOO priceless. Your son has some great gift there - I can't IMAGINE how long that took him. No, he doesn't dream of building a house, he dreams of building a CITY - go Sailor!!! And look at how well Sunbeam stays in the lines for such a young lady! I think you should get her a real kitty. ha ha I just love your mobile - that looks complicated! The colors are beautiful. I've been staying busy with a sick mother-in-law ~ your projects look like MUCH more fun!!

  7. You can very likely get that map laminated professionally, or do you know a schoolteacher? When I taught, I often laminated pretty huge projects...up to maybe 4 feet across and as long as needed...

    Love your beaded creation! How very pretty. It looks like rich jewels!

    I just draw alot and make endless amounts of yoyos for a shawl I'm trying to make.

  8. When my daughter was about five she made me a charming picture which I saved (as I did most of her pictures) and years later she framed it for me. It hangs in a place of honor in my bedroom. She is now an art teacher! Those wonderful works of art are priceless.

  9. Sailor's community development plan is VERY impressive! It feels like you have a future architect or engineer on your hands.

    Your mobile is lovely- you should make one for a giveaway. :-)

    Oh, in the winter I have a lap quilt I've been working on forever. I call it my "eternity quilt" because I've been working on it for an eternity. HA! Can't wait to get the binding on that thing.

  10. How talented all your family is! I think you greatly contributed to that by your encouragements and your enthousiasm for their craftmanship and artistic creations since their first years, or first months ;-) By the way, their names are so cute!!! I love them all! With such first names, and a mother like you, how can they become anything else than artists? I'm quite certain they'll become, someday, famous ones! Cheers!!! :-)

  11. Thought your chimes were wonderful.I like to make cards and scrapbook when I have time and do not feel tired at night. I also like your detail for canning. I was thinking about doing peas when this year with my children. We have several gardens on our property but I don't know much about growing peas or canning them thanks for the courage for telling me exactly how to do it. I wonder how you did green beans.
    thanks sherry

  12. A lovely mobile and it would tinkle prettily in the breezes.

  13. I love you mobile! Do you make them to sell? I would LOVE to buy one like that! Very beautiful!


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