Monday, January 18, 2010

A Wedding

The first wedding to be held in our new church house was scheduled to happen in less than a week. I was looking forward to it since we were also invited to the reception.

Mom went to help get ready a few days before the wedding. There was a lot of baking and food preparation to do to get ready for all the guests. Since we lived close to the bride's home they borrowed our fine china too in order to have all the tables set with pretty dishes.

Once the day of the wedding came we went to church. Everything seemed like a regular church service except the first bench facing the preachers was reserved for the bridal party which was still hidden away in one of the coatrooms in front of the church house.

The first song was finally done being sung and the 'Lob Lied' started. After the usual twenty minutes of singing it, it was time to sing the third song. Mom had told me to watch the door of the coat room carefully once they start singing the third line of the third song. I had been waiting for that line all morning and now as the first drawn out word faded and the next one followed all eyes were glued to the door as it opened and the bridal party came walking carefully into the room. I watched as they all stood in front of the bench and sat down at the same time. The bride looked very happy but I wasn't thinking about her happy face. I had happened to see that the girls all had to have their hand held by the boy that was escorting them, I nearly shuddered at the thought that I would ever have to do that and vowed I would never get married.

After two regular length sermons the bishop told them if they still wanted to be married they could come stand before him. He had a long row of questions to ask them to which they answered with a soft little yes. The rest of the church stood for a prayer and then the bishop joined their hands and pronounced them man and wife. They returned to their seats while the rest of the preachers gave them words of advice and commented on the sermons. The closing song was sung and it was finally time to go to the reception.

As we got to the home of the brides parents I looked in awe at all the tables that had been set with pretty dishes. There were lots of girls hurrying from the kitchen to the tables carrying bowls filled with steaming food. Everything looked really good and I looked forward to sitting down at one of those long pretty tables. I followed Mom upstairs where she placed our wedding gift on a bed that was heaped with gifts for the happy couple.

The brides father was in charge of seating the people. Close relatives got to be seated first and closest to the bridal table. Once we were seated I was happy to see that we had an excellent view of the bridal party from where we were sitting. Sitting right next to me was a little girl about my age. Once silent prayer was over and everyone started passing the food we started talking. Her name was Effie and she was a sister to the groom. Her mother was one of the cooks so she had to sit at the same table we were at, but she was happy to be able to see her big brother from where she was sitting.

It didn't take her long to eat everything on her plate and then she sat there gazing into the living room at all the other people. Directly across the table from us was a little three year old who was misbehaving and in a fit of anger threw his bread crust that his mother was trying to get him to eat right into Effie's plate. A little later Effie happened to notice the crust and hurriedly picked it up and ate it looking mortified that she still had a crust on her plate.

I felt sorry for her that she ate someone else's crust but I didn't tell her that it hadn't been hers. And as much as I had looked forward to that wedding it is the bread crust I remember the most vividly.


  1. It's so funny the things that stick out in our minds from certain events - that's too funny! Good thing you got over the whole "hand holding" aversion or we wouldn't be sitting here now reading about you and your wonderful family. I loved hearing about the wedding from your point of view - I felt like I could see it myself. ♥

  2. Enjoyed your story today. It is funny the things that stick out to us concerning a certain event. Sometimes it's the little things that make us smile in rememberance. :o)

  3. I enjoyed reading about the wedding. It is funny some of things that stick out in our memories.
    Thanks for sharing yours. I felt so sorry for that little girl tho.

  4. Fun to see all this again through the eyes of a child. The greatest sorrow of my childhood was stepping on a nail just days before my favorite uncle's wedding and missing out on being some kind of helper in the festivities. It was going to be quite a feat since our family had left the Amish and I was being included in spite of that. I missed the whole wedding and thought I'd surely die!

  5. An Amish wedding through the eyes of a little Amish girl... love it.

  6. Great description of the wedding through a child's eyes. Funny that you thought holding a boy's hand was such a dreadful thing, and interesting that you remember the bread crust incident so well.

  7. Chuckle......all I could do was chuckle.

  8. What a charming story! I thought the Amish had no churches, but met in members' homes. Was your district different than most in this way? Thanks,


  9. This reminds me of a sycamore tree we actually planted . I can remember the date and occasion. In October 1981 my brother was leaving for basic training and we planted a tree. Today, it is a majestic lady that provides lots of lovely shade in the summer and lots of not so lovely leaves to rake in the fall. Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. This story put a smile on my face. I love how you share your life stories.


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