Saturday, January 9, 2010

Asking For Help

Several years ago I found a window cleaner that I really like. It is everything that the label promised. Whenever I use it windows are so clear and spotless that you could think they aren't even there. I especially liked to use it for bathroom mirrors it kept them clear and clean for several weeks at a time.

My last bottle is almost empty and I have no idea where to buy some more. So that is where you come in. Do you know where I could find more Perfect Glass window cleaner? I would be willing to buy it mailorder if I have to. Or do you have a window cleaner that you really like or a recipe for homemade that actually works. I'm open to hear any recomendations.


  1. i typed it in on line and several places came up. one of them is
    i may just have to try it out!

  2. Looks like the Hope's company has a website. Here is where they list to buy their products:

    Bed Bath & Beyond
    Home Outfitters
    Garden Ridge
    Harmon Drug
    Orchard Supply
    Down to Earth Products

  3. Try this website:

  4. I use vinegar and water. Just mix 1/2 c vinegar and fill bottle the rest of the way with water. I also read, and this is true, to clean your windows on cloudy days or at night. When it's sunny they dry too quickly and leave marks. I've used vinegar and water for several years and my windows are very clean.

  5. I see that others have found your product for you. I never heard of it, but I will be looking for this product, myself. Thank you. I will also be trying the other suggestions I see here.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  6. I take it that's for interior use.

    The best exterior window cleaner I've ever used is Windex Outdoor all-in-one glass cleaning tool. We purchased it at Walmart

  7. LOL! I googled it too and found several outlets for it.

  8. Well..I have checked it out..and tomorrow I am making a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for another item and will surely check this one out...I too don't like to do windows and anything that helps to make the job easier...I am for it all the way...Windex is nice..but if something is better??? hope you find more of it in your area..if not I would gladly send you some....happy day...Ora in KY

  9. I use vinegar and water too, and if you use old newspaper that works well too!!!
    Margaret B

  10. I buy Invisible Glass, in the automotive department at Wal-Mart. I love it on my house windows.

  11. I've never seen this but it looks like great stuff! I'm starting a cleaning business and this looks like a product that would come in quite handy!

  12. I hope when you find the product you will do a video of how effective it is.

  13. It looks like you'll be able to find your favorite product. I'm glad. Since I've never seen it before, I wouldn't have been much help.

    I just finished reading your post about the Birthday Cake. It was very well-written and fun to read. Aren't moms great?

    Word Designer

  14. Hey, I know someone who works for Schnucks! Dierberg's is our other local chain around here. Let me know if you don't get some and I'll high-tail it up there and send you some. ;)

  15. I have never heard of this glass cleaner but I found it on the internet at Amazon where a two liter refill bottle costs $9.14.

    I usually use windex or a store brand.
    My mother used vinegar and newspaper and said that cleaned best but I prefer glasss cleaners.

    I hope you find it!

  16. I use a micro towel in warm water to wash the windows or mirrors and wipe them after washing with the cheapest paper towels you can find, it must be really cheap towels as the more expensive ones have chemicals in them to make them soft, which streaks the windows. I just love this way of washing windows. My neighbor told me about it this last fall I could hardly believe it could work, but it really does.

  17. 1 part rubbing alcohol

    1 part hydrogen peroxide

    1 part water

    in a spray bottle! Works great!

  18. My husband likes to use vinegar to clean windows. Btwn. that and newspapers, it works great!

  19. I found it at Lowes today for 3.99 a bottle as you have posted. They also had a container of wipes...don't recall that price. I bought a bottle of it. If you can't find it let me know and I'll get some there and mail it to you.

  20. I think there are several great ideas and products. I use red juice. I had a cleaning lady years ago tell me to use the newspaper it doesn't leave streaks. I have seen several people say that too. I just use walmart parents choice diaper wipes for the really bad windows. Nose prints from the dog get the red juice and a razor scraper. that way they don't have to be wiped several times.


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