Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Rooster and Red Buttons

      We used to have a chicken coop filled with 24 hens and one big rooster. Daddy had built rows of nesting boxes for them and everyday John and I would go out to gather the eggs. It used to be a lot of fun.
     We would try to pet the chickens and we'd talk and sing to them, occasionally Mom would give us stale bread and we would break off crumbs and throw it to them. It used to be really fun watching them run after the crumbs as we threw one piece at a time to make it last longer.
     One day Grandma came and brought a new dress for me. It was a light tan with a row of bright red buttons down the back. I thought it was very pretty and wanted to wear it right away. When it was time to go gather the eggs I went skipping to the chicken coop still happily wearing my new dress.
As we were gathering the eggs our big friendly rooster, turned into a huge mean rooster. I was happily gathering eggs when he flew at my back and knocked me down, my basket of eggs went flying and all the hens went running to happily peck at the broken mess. The rooster wasn't enticed by the sight of broken eggs and kept right on attacking me. I started crying and John ran to get Mom.
     She came running to my aid and shooed the rooster away, and helped me back to my feet. Once we got into the house and I got changed into a clean dress she held up the dress that was dirty from laying on the floor of the chicken coop and told me that the rooster didn't mean to hurt you he just saw the bright red buttons and wanted to eat them.
     I never again wore that dress while gathering eggs and the rooster was the gentle sane rooster he was supposed to be.


  1. Oh I would have been petrified. I remember once when I was very young that my brother and I decided we would run away from home. I packed us a sandwich and about the time we crossed this fence we had, here come Mama hen. We did not know that she had babies near by. She chased us all over that yard. Scared me to death. Needless to say we dropped our sandwich and guess who got the sandwich? YEP, Mama Hen! Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. We went our behinds back home! LOL!

  2. I can only imagine how scared you were when that rooster attacked you! You wouldn't think he'd do something like that.

  3. Yes, I've noticed my chickens are attracted to red. I wonder if it's the bright red of their combs and hackles, when they get mature? Interesting. Sorry about your altercation with that roo!


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