Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Give us three rhyming words that say something about your Thanksgiving holiday.

How about I do two instead of three?

Good food
Great mood.

Blessed beyond measure,
With memories to treasure.

2. When did you last say, 'the more the merrier'? Did you mean it?

I know I've said that a lot. I try not to say something I don't mean.

3. What's one piece of advice you'd give someone who is your same age?

Keep your focus on Jesus and keep your priorities straight.

4. You're ordering a veggie plate, what four veggies are on it?

Cooked or raw?

I love roasted brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli, fried cauliflower, and corn on the cob.

5. Shop till you drop! Did you? Have you ever? Will you between now and Christmas?

I have never shopped until I dropped, and don't have plans to ever do so. Other than buying groceries I won't be do any shopping between now and Christmas.

6. What's your favorite chair in your house, and why is it a favorite?

My favorite chair is an ancient rocking recliner that I'm guessing is very likely older than I am. It's a mustard yellow, the arms are completely worn through and the cording around the seat cushion is hanging loose. All that is hidden though under a big purple cover ... a piece of knit fabric that was just the right size to cover the entire chair.

It's my favorite because it's so very comfy.

7. Share an early memory of faith, religion, or spirituality.

Some of my earliest memories include my brother and me standing in front of Mom and watching her mouth carefully as she taught us to sing one of the German church songs.

Every evening before we would go to bed the whole family would sing. When we were little it was a bedtime prayer song, but as we grew older it branched out to include other hymns that we would take turns choosing.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm sitting here nursing a very painful knee. This morning on the way downstairs something popped and it locked up. I had to back down the rest of the way because it hurt to much to bend. I'm hoping it will feel better soon, because as it turns out knees are quite important.


  1. Prayers that your knee gets healed quickly! Rest easy.

  2. Knees are painful! Ice it. Then heat. I love that you sang songs in German. What a sweet memory.

  3. Hope your knee feels better soon! You need your knees!

  4. Sorry to hear about the knee. When my knee acts up I wear one of those black elastic bandages with the hole in front to help bending. It seems to realign everything straight again. I'll pray for healing.

  5. I enjoyed reading your thoughts today. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee and will pray for a complete healing for you very soon.

  6. I liked your rhyme : ) I do hope your knee is feeling better. I saw someone mentioned a brace and I have one too, the stretchy kind you can buy in the drug store. It helps when mine acts up. Might be worth a try if yours doesn't improve. Take care.

  7. I really like your rhyme too! Your childhood memories sound so precious. A young lady at my church happened to ask me last night if I ever had the desire to go back in time and re-visit mt childhood if it was possible. My answer was yes. Wouldn't that be fun? But only for a little while :) Take care of that, ice, ICE!!

  8. I am grateful that my knees seem to be in good shape....just other parts of me that lock up.

  9. I hope that your knee feels better soon. Yep, they are pretty important, those knees. Mine aren't my friends, either.

    Your chair sounds great! It sounds like it is well loved and comfy. :)

    Have a blessed day!

  10. I am praying that you feel better tomorrow. My husband hurt his back and it's hard to see him in pain. Knee pain is bad like that too.

  11. I like your chair. You are right, knees are important. We don't realize how much we rely on joints like knees and ankles until we injure one. Have a great week.

  12. Brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower - my kind of plate :-)


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