Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Preparations

Yes, I'm fully aware that we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet, and I'm about to ramble on about Christmas preparations.

Christmas is such a fun time of year, why limit it to only a few weeks?

Since we do a lot of homemade type things for Christmas we like getting a head start. We've been eyeing the fabric stash, and the shelves of crafting supplies are being poked and prodded a lot lately. The sewing machines are coming out of their summer time hibernation and are made to hum once again.

There are things being written and designed on the computer with strict no peeking in my folder rules from several different members of the family. I'm especially looking forward to reading the stories and admiring other things that have been created.

So many secrets to keep, and gifts to hide. Sometimes though gifts can be made in plain sight and the recipient has no idea.

My favorite not so secret, secret so far is one of the gifts Sunbeam has planned for Buddy. With the huge maple tree here in front of the house losing its leaves and dropping thousands of seeds, Buddy has been having a lot of fun gathering a handful of seeds and bringing them up on the porch and dropping them one by one over the railing and watching them spin and float down to the ground.

It gave Sunbeam an idea and she went outside with a container to fill with the seeds to give them to him for Christmas. Buddy helped her fill it, and so far has no idea he will be the lucky recipient on Christmas day.

Thinking of the hours of fun he'll have with them makes me smile. Thinking about all the fun he had helping his sister get his Christmas gift ready makes me smile even bigger.


  1. How sweet. Yes, homemade Christmas takes awhile to prepare. I like to do the Samuel.

  2. Christmas! I do not know how time moves so fast! Did someone speed up the planet's rotation or something??

  3. Haha! Perfect, I love it! Now where are all those people who worry about Christmas being so materialistic...???

  4. What fun time now. And good memories that will stay with them for life.

  5. We also exchange homemade gifts. We have started thinking about what to do this year. We exchange our gifts with our extended family members. Several years ago we talked about how we have so much stuff and we liked the ideas of doing a family exchange gift instead of individual gifts. This has been a great idea for our family... Except for those of us who are not very crafty. LOL. Enjoy the secrets! 😊

  6. We put our tree up tye day after Remebrance Day so you are not early :). We are Canadian so our Thanksgiving was last month :). My Dad passed away this September so I wanted the tree up early to add joy to my life. Seeing it lit up in the evening when everyone is asleep maoes me feel incredibly happy and peaceful. I am thinking we should have a homemade Christmas too. Can I ask what kinds of things Buddy likes to make? As you know, I have little people and I would like them to participate.

  7. I love this! How thoughtful AND fun! I love Christmas, and love coming up with the perfect gift for a recipient. Sounds like your daughter has done just that for her brother.


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