Monday, December 5, 2016

Laughter is a Good Medicine

If that's the case I should be in top health!

So there we were yesterday, in church, sitting in the third row from the back. Buddy had his head in my lap almost dozing off. LV had his arm resting along the back of my chair while we were listening to a sermon on peace.

It was all quite peaceful until LV readjusted himself and tried to remove his arm from behind me. In doing so, he accidently bumped my favorite hairclip, which was holding my long hair up in a bun. It went flying out and landed in the lap of the person sitting behind us while my hair cascaded down my back.

I think I might have gasped. I know I lost complete track of what was being preached as my hands flew up to touch what used to be a neat bun. The guy sitting behind us handed my hairclip back and I quickly fixed my hair and then looked at LV.

It was all I could do not to burst out laughing . I managed not to, but we both smiled pretty huge smiles, at which point the people sitting behind us couldn't quite contain their chuckles.

The minute we got to the van after church we burst out laughing, while people in the parking lot, who had not seen what had happened probably wondered what could possibly be so funny.

I do declare, the weirdest things happen to me.


  1. Would have made a funny video "clip". :)

  2. Oh, welcome to me world! Due to medical condition, I am almost bald, and wear wigs. One time, in a restaurant, The Squire accidentally hit my head and my wig slid down over my eyes. I've also had one fly off on a windy walk across a parking lot, and had to chase the blessed thing.

  3. We had a very similar experience the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We were visiting an ecumenical service in the county we are currently in with our ministry. We got in and sat down and started to smell something terrible. I was confused because my kids are all out of diapers. All of a sudden my husband pointed at the shelf in front of us and it had poop smeared on it. I quickly took a Kleenex and wiped it off. It took a while to figure out where it came from until we saw our son's shoe. He had stepped in dog poop outside of the church. I quickly took his shoes off and went down to the bathroom to clean them and returned to the service. On our way home we laughed so hard!

  4. Thank you for the smile you gave me this morning.

  5. HAHAHA!!! You waited til you were at the van? I wouldn't have made it to the door! Bill has whacked my head in the same mannter, in church but no clips for me. I have to braid it to be thick enough to even make a bun and then I wrap two fluffy scrunchies around it to make it look bigger. He never knocks my bun loose but my head sure jangles when he does that... and our friends who sit behind us are the ones who start to snicker...

  6. Haha!
    it must have been something in the air yesterday. I had a church hair failure too, although nowhere near as entertaining as yours!!!

  7. Oh my, I should start looking back over my shoulder more often if I'm in need of some amusement ;)


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