Saturday, December 10, 2016

Picture my Week

A dusting of snow finally covered some of the gray and browns we were seeing. To me, it makes the waterfall look a little  colder than usual.
I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing the weird concoctions that Sunbeam chows down. This week's stomach churner combination was graham cracker with a liberal amount of crunchy peanut butter, and then sprinkled with chocolate chips and drizzled with mustard.

For a day we enjoyed red ornaments on our Christmas tree, before a vote to have a silver and gold year over turned my love of that splash of color.

Every year we look forward to receiving a handmade Christmas card from LV's mother. Yesterday it arrived in the mail. The girls, Buddy, and I were almost ready to head out the door to their last dress rehearsal for the homeschool co-op variety show and drama. I propped the fat envelope where LV would see it when he came home and we left. I didn't think of it again as we were caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparing for our evening.
When evening arrived LV and Sailor walked in the door. I always have to smile when I see my husband approaching, (Yep, even after all these years he still makes my heart pitter patter.) this time however there was a little something extra ... he sparkled. There were pieces of glitter stuck to his face and when he tried to brush it off a few more pieces got stuck.
It wasn't until we got home and I saw the glitter filled Christmas card his mother had made that we put two and two together. Apparently when he opened the envelope glitter spilled onto his clothes and hands. Which means he's not producing glitter after all. 😉


  1. Glitter is the worst! I've banned it from our house and any craft my kids make are safely glitter free.

    Mustard and peanut butter is an unusual combination, but now I want to give it a go. I'll let you know what I think of it later on. Who knows, maybe Sunbeam has started the next big food trend.

  2. It all sounded okay until she added the mustard!

  3. Sunbeam had me hooked until the word mustard jumped off the screen at me!!! Not so sure about that one! LOL. I am with you on the splash of red on the tree! The card is so pretty! I love glitter! Madi was real big into glitter when she was little! Ryder would glue big spots of blue or green glitter to a piece of construction paper and think it was a huge work of art! :-) haha It always had to go in the fridge! I was vacuuming all the time.

  4. I had to come back and tell you I tried the mustard/peanut butter concoction that Sunbeam invented. It was surprisingly tasty. I'll be eating it again. Tell her thank you for me.

  5. Agggghhh! ...the mustard... it's killing me!!! Haha! Glitter... I love the stuff. Too bad, my husband doesn't produce it either. Oh well. : )

  6. Your Christmas tree is beautiful with the pop of red ornaments. Sunbeam's snack sounded pretty good until you mentioned mustard. Ick! Your mother-in-law is very talented. The card looks professionally done.

  7. Sunbeams recipe sounded wonderful until I read mustard. I don't like mustard on anything, even hot dogs and hamburgers. I'm glad she liked it though. :-). I smiled at your description of LV. Our church custodian has banned glitter in the auditorium because it gets caught in the fabric of the seats and she can't get it out! I, however, love glitter.

  8. I thought your daughter's concoction sounded wonderful until I read mustard! lol. The card and your tree are absolutely beautiful!

  9. I so wish I had a waterfall nearby! I bet my kids would love it, too.
    I'm with everyone else on the mustard. LOL I would love to hear more of her concoctions, though!
    The card is gorgeous! What a wonderful tradition. Makes my wheels start turning on how we might be able to incorporate something like that. We do have family that lives out of state...hmmmm. :)


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