Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weekly Glimpse

Spring has sprung. The sounds of sweetly singing birds fill the air during the day, and at night we go to sleep listening to the hundreds of spring peepers that live in the marshy area along the creek above our waterfall.

I'm including a short video for those who want to take a listen to the sound of the spring peeper.

We took daily walks and enjoyed all the early signs of spring. It was a nice way to clear our heads after spending time solving algebraic equations and all the other things we have been studying.

Rosebud enjoyed toying with recipes and was happy with the results of her latest cupcake creations. The frosting colored naturally with a raspberry reduction sauce.

We all did quite a bit of writing. I'm already looking forward to seeing what Sunbeam will crank out as she gets older. She just finished up writing a full length book with over 70,000 words.
Buddy got in plenty of batting practice.
All in all a very enjoyable yet ordinary week.


  1. What a wonderful post! We vacation every year at this time, looking for the first signs of spring. We probably could have stayed home, but we did have an 80 degree day at Virginia Beach and THAT won't happen at home for another month, plus there's no beach there! Now, it's homeward bound for us and this year, there is no snow in sight. A few years ago we had to call someone to plow our driveway so we could get in. :-) If we can't have a good 'ol snowstorm, then bring on the peepers! (we had 6 inches total for this winter; a record.) First year the kids and/or I have not made a snowman in my front yard. LOVED the pictures! Those cupcakes appear irresistible and the frosting brought to mind the story of you and the cake (from your blog and book) HAHAHA! We wont even discuss gray jello! Such creative kids! Buddy, I'm sure, is glad to be outside again. Baseball in the house is, well, probably forbidden, right? Thanks for sharing your beautiful springtime. Hope the peepers herald our arrival home, tonight!

  2. Such a happy post! I think we're all ready for spring. Rosebud's cupcakes are amazing. She could sell them in a bakery as a professional! We don't seem to have peepers out here but I always love herparing them when we go back to the Midwest. Our daughter also had them when she lived in Portland, OR. I would keep my windows open in the spring and summer when I visited them.

  3. I just got home after grocery shopping, picking up our mail, and.... stopping to listen to the peepers again, which are chorusing loudly by the river behind our house.

    What kind of book did Sunbeam write? I use to do a lot of writing and our daughter, as a child, loved to write. She wrote most days and drew the illustrations.

    The cupcakes look and sound yummy.

  4. Ahhhhh, Spring. I have so enjoyed listening to the birds singing this past couple of weeks.
    Beautiful cupcakes.


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