Thursday, August 11, 2011

Settling In

The weeks that followed the purchase of our new home were very busy as every day we would load a few pieces of furniture on our cattle trailer and all the boxes we had packed. I rode in the back with the children while LV drove the tractor. Once everything was unloaded, unpacked, and in place we would hurry back to pack some more things to take the next next day.

It was a rainy day when we moved the last of our things into our new house. LV took our tractor and cattle trailer with a load of baby calves while I drove our horse and buggy. Even the rain couldn't dampen our excitement and hopefulness as we settled into our new home. Everything about it seemed to be whispering of good things to come.
Several weeks later my parents and my two youngest brothers came to visit us. It was fun showing Mom through our new house and then spending time talking and working together.

We were glad that we had a year in which to get everything Amishified and hoped by that time we would already know where we would be moving to and not have to make this home ugly by tearing out the electric lights and putting in ugly copper pipes for gas lights and space heaters.

For right now though we were planning on enjoying everything just the way it was. Our summer looked full and busy with many plans and we looked forward to many good days ahead.


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    I love this write this morning. I can see you all moving with the trailor and tractor, transporting your precious belongings. I can hear the clip clop of the horse and buggy as well. That is such a beautiful sound.

    Love the peeks into your home. It is so gorgeous. Love the fireplace. You have lots of room for family and friends to gather.
    I think I could get lost in that tub. It looks so inviting after a tiring day.

    Thank you for sharing sweetie. Have a glorious day. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

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  3. What a beautiful and cozy home.

  4. What a nice house. I love the garden tub, especially. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Beautiful home...blessings on your day.

  6. Everything looks so tidy - I love it! Just curious, do you still sew on a treadle machine or did you learn how to use an electric one? I want that bathtub!

  7. I love the treadle machines! I have an electric sewing machine, but I so want a treadle one!
    That was a very nice house, it looks very comfortable. I would've hated to alter it, too.

  8. Glad to hear the Lord provided a place to regroup and refresh while you waited faithful for His next step. Thank you for the pictures and the well organized simple living it represents. Waiting on the Lord to hear how He led you next.
    Mrs. J.

  9. Thank you for showing pictures. I can see why you liked this home so much. It's beautiful!

  10. This post sounds like a great big "ahhhhhhhhhh". :)

  11. Ahh.. so refreshing. :) Must have felt wonderful.

  12. A beautiful home! I can't imagine tearing it apart to "Amishfy"~ so will wait for rest of story:)

  13. What a shock ! That bath is nothing like what I thought an Amish person would have. Isn't that curious ? Why shouldn't you ?
    God Bless and keep writing.

  14. You have a beautiful home! God has blessed you richly!

  15. Oh, that place looks so comfortable. A home like that is really a great place to raise a family. Well, I hope you have fun moving in and getting settled in your new abode!

    -Ezequiel Brojakowski


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