Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Visit to Town

The next time we went to town we hired someone local that did taxi work for the Amish. When we arrived at the place we wanted to do our shopping the driver got out to go in as well.
We didn't think too much about it since it wasn't unusual to have drivers run inside and get a few items they needed before sitting in their vehicle and waiting until we were ready to leave. Once we got inside we were dismayed to see that he didn't want anything but instead followed us all through the store, up and down the aisles and through the check out.

He did that at every place we stopped and we were beyond irritated. Apparently he had never heard what it takes to be a good driver and by the time we got home we decided the humiliation of using a tractor and trailer to go to town was better than having a tag along peering over our shoulders the entire time.

We hoped to have our own little cargo trailer before long which would be better than using a cattle trailer, but secretly we really wished we would still live in PA where everyone and everything was normal and comfortable.
Thanks for all the kind emails offering prayers for this move and all the changes but these are only memories and a big part of our story. We no longer live there.  Posts about the past are always labeled: memories.


  1. Now, that is a nosy driver! The big picture sounds like you were being led away from there for sure. (There's been times when we in the forest looking for trees, too. ;)

  2. I remember the man that always drove LV's mom to FM. I would see them at Walmart and he would be sitting on a bench up front waiting for her to finish her weekly FM shopping. I'm wondering if I know who your nosey driver was? LOL

    How different everything was for you.

  3. How odd! I am suprised that you were able to concentrate on your shopping list! Blessings, Joanne

  4. That is so very rude. I would have been ashamed too.
    That is something you just don't do.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I'd have felt the same way; how rude!

    Wishing you were still back home probably made things feel even worse than they were!

  6. May those that love us, love us.
    And those that don't love us,
    May God turn their hearts.
    And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles
    So we will know them by their limping.


  7. Oh my. Not just rude, but kind of creepy. It's a wonder this person had any repeat business at all!

  8. I agree with Knitwit thats too strange

  9. Hi!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me well. So nice to meet you! Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  10. The man was obviously curious about your life style. On one of our shopping trips, we had some young people think we were so oddly dressed, they took pictures with their camera phones, they laughed and scoffed. It was embarrassing and hard to keep our minds on our grocery shopping. Thank the Lord this did not happen but once. More often than not, women will stop us and ask if we are Amish. We tell them no, we dress modest to please the Lord and we do not have head coverings as the Amish do, they seem satisfy and move on. God called His own to be different in modest ways so we will stand out, not because we want attention. Guess it is just strange for some to see any thing different, they become curious and sometimes rude without realizing it.
    Mrs. J.

  11. That doesn't sound like a fun shopping trip!


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