Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MG-A Sunday Afternoon

All the worn out sleepy people seemed to be suddenly wide awake and full of energy the minute church services were over. The men gathered up all the songbooks and used the benches to set up several tables while the women went to prepare the food.

This community did not serve regular church lunch but instead had a chart with every married ladies name telling what she was supposed to bring and when. The woman at the place where church was held provided several huge hot casseroles while others provided salads, cakes, and other desserts.

The men always filled their trays first, followed by the boys and girls and then the women came last. It was very frustrating to us when the boys decided to start sitting at the women's table to eat instead of the benches where they used to. It was hard trying to balance a large tray of food on my lap besides having a baby and a toddler to take care of at the same time. No one dared to suggest to the boys though that they should do the proper thing and let the mothers have a table to sit at because when all was said and done the young folks were more honored and revered than anyone else in this church.

After lunch was over the young folks went to play volley ball or baseball while the women got to clear up the mess. I enjoyed the company of the women though and there was no lack of conversation and laughter as we all worked together. Shortly after the mess was cleaned up it would be time for us to go home and start all our chores.

There would be supper and a singing in the evening for the youth and who ever else wanted to attend. We didn't very often. With three little children, and a lot of chores, eating in the comfort of our own home where I didn't have to grow an additional arm or two to be able to comfortably enjoy my meal and an early bedtime seemed like the best choice for us.


  1. It's a shame those children weren't taught to respect their elders. Though, that's a common problem in every society these days - a veritable sign of the times.

  2. It sounds like a wondeful time, nothing lik sweet fellowship, be blessed this day.

  3. That would have been so nice; if it wasn't for the children not being taught respect. I mean, I get that children are important and all that, but this is how you get ill mannered young people like you see so often in recent years!

  4. I'm curious what would have happened if someone would have suggested to the boys to give the Moms a seat at the table? and what about the men? They couoldn't say anything either? I am sure that was very frustrating for you.

    Blessings, Joanne

  5. How interesting, we do the opposite when supper time is on. Women and small children go first, then whomever lines up. Many times I see our church elder towards the back. For me that is a true testimony.

    Matthew 19:30
    But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

  6. In the church where I grew up, the women would do the cooking when we had a dinner together, then the men would gather the mess into the church kitchen, close the doors, and do all the washing up. They always sounded like they were having the time of their lives - and the women got to relax and visit.

  7. We have been in churches that had no passion for the Word of God and found it very hard to remain there, trying to infuse some kind of life into folks who just did not have a passion for such things. The passion of our Lord when He faced the cross is stirring, hopefully, manifesting in our lives. Coming from a background of cold religion finding the message of Christ and the cross, opened my heart with such fervent regard of what our Lord did, it moved me to zeal without knowledge, but it did move me and still does.

    Growing up at our family table the food all was set at my fathers end and he served out all plates, once it was all served out, we prayed then ate together all at once. In the larger family gatherings, buffet style, the children were always served first. The older children then took the younger ones to play as the adults all got their food and sat together and all ate at once. The men folks would never dream of eating first without the women folks.
    Mrs. J.

  8. Wow. I was raised where men always put women and children first. How disappointing. I am shocked that the young people weren't taught to help serve and clean up. What a shame.


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