Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Favorite Sounds

The blog post I wanted to do this morning will have to wait until later since I can't seem to be able to load any pictures. After trying different things multiple times I was getting frustrated and sat back to glare at my computer screen for a while when I heard Rosebud and Sunbeam singing to their dolls. It got me thinking of the many sounds I enjoy hearing.
  • Laughter from happy children.
  • The door of my husbands vehicle closing, letting me know that he is at home after a long day of work.
  • The hundreds of singing birds that fill the air with their cheerful melodies all day long. They are the first thing I hear every morning when I wake up and the last thing I hear before I go to sleep at night.
  • The children singing. They love singing almost as much as I do.
  • The sweet little good-nights as the children head for bed every evening. Even our unborn child is being told good-night by his/her siblings who are all really looking forward to welcoming it.
  • The wind blowing softly through the pine trees by our house.
  • The waterfall gushing happily.
  • Sunbeam reading to me. Ever since she discovered the joy of reading last fall she will have several daily story times where she draws up her little chair next to me and reads.
  • Sweet "I love yous" from the people most dear in my life.
These are only a handful of sounds that I enjoy. What about you? I would love to hear some of your favorite things to hear.


  1. The ring that I've assigned to my husband's number buzzing on my cell phone, my adult children having conversation, my daughter laughing, the cat purring, and a good thunderstorm!

  2. A quiet summer rain, wind in the trees, my son singing in the back seat of the car, my girls playing together, my husband laughing, a plane flying way off in the sky, the laughter of children-esp. my own!

  3. What a lovely, post!

    * I love to hear the laughter of my grandchildren.
    * The joy in their voices when they say "Nonna" (grandmother in Italian).
    * Conversation around the family table.
    * My husband's footsteps.
    * Toddlers singing.
    * The key in the door meaning loved ones are arriving home.
    * "Wub you" from little Noel.
    * The sound of water in my garden.

  4. Very touchig post dear, reminds me of the things that I love to hear also, the rain on the roof, my dh snoring, children singing, much the same thins as you like, God bless you have a great day, Barbara

  5. Ahhhh!!!! Birds in the morning (especially the first robins and wrens of spring) and crickets at night. Rain on the roof and sleet on the window. The sound of my husband's truck door and the jingle of the bells on the door when it opens (especially if he has had to work late.) Wind in the pines. When I x country skied, there was a "silence" in the air when it snowed that was SO beautiful... and there were leaves still on a tree (maybe Poplar) that would crinkle at the slightest breeze. :-) Children playing. Listening to 4 part harmony.

  6. *The birds singing early in the morning.
    *My husband's voice.
    *The sound of whichever work truck my husband is driving slowing down to pull into the driveway. Even the dogs know the sound of each truck before they can see it.
    *My adult daughter has a completely different tone of voice when she's really happy. I just love that.
    *My son's footsteps coming into the house when he stops by...and his laugh.
    *A gentle rain.
    *Family conversation.
    *My dog's collar jingling when someone else lets him in and he's coming to look for me. That's usually the first things he does.

  7. Just one of my favorite sounds is listening to the rain falling down through the leaves walking along a path in the woods on a rainy morning.

  8. Church bells on Sunday morning, the solemn sound of the Protestant church and the happy ringing of my own Roman Catholic church blending together.
    My dog yawning, a strange but sweet sound. The sound of my wooden shoes on the garden path. My mother of 83 singing in the kitchen and... and.... and....

  9. *Birds singing.
    *My husband's voice.
    *Thunder storms.
    *Other nature sounds.
    *The laughter of children.
    *The sound of my dog's collar jingling as he comes running to me.
    *The people I love saying, "I love you," to me.

  10. rain on rooftops
    wind through the trees
    birds singing
    thunderstorms (any nature sounds)
    sweet sound of a grandchild

  11. My husband and I also keep a list; we call it a "Happy List" and in it we jot down the little things that make us happy (duh!) We started that after we read the book, "14,000 Things to be Happy About". Some of my fave things to hear...
    *bacon sizzling in a pan
    *soft rain
    *my grandkids laughter
    *"I love you" from my dear ones
    *church bells.......

  12. All those things! Plus some I haven't heard for a while: rain on a tin roof, animals munching hay in the barn, my dad's laughter, our geese announcing someone arriving in the driveway...

  13. OMGosh! What a great post!! (Sorry Blogger has been so touchy lately.)

    The voices of the people I love are the most precious. (That includes my cat, Karma--she thinks she's people, too.) There are so many sounds my mind is reeling. Thanks for reminding us of a sense we don't always acknowledge.

  14. Interesting. For some time now I have been conscious of "sounds". I believe God has had me to stop and listen. And I found that when I do I become more grateful. This morning
    I listened to the many different birds flying around, looking for food, with the squirrels making comments, too. Later, my two granddaughters had my ears as I heard them giggling. This has been a good day for sounds.

  15. The deep, sincere belly laugh of a baby...always makes me laugh too.
    The sound of my husband when he laughs so hard he can't stop. Makes me laugh too!
    The whisper of a gentle wind through fall leaves...
    The tumbling of water over rocks in a creek or waterfalls
    Crickets singing, cicadas clicking
    My husband's snoring next to me, comforts me to know he's there.
    Gentle rainfall on windowpanes or roof above.
    Popcorn popping
    The voice of a missed friend...
    The singing together of my daughters
    The singing solo of my son in law (think of Luther Vandross' voice)
    Harp music...or cellos...or bassoons
    An "I love you" from anyone I love

  16. I love hearing my 18 mo old granddaughtere babble as she "reads" her story books, using the exact intonation she has heard her mom and dad use when reading to her.

  17. Pleasant sounds are blessings from God we often overlook! Just a few of my favorite sounds are:
    • The sounds of nature: a gentle breeze in the tree tops, water lapping at the shore, a bubbling brook, wrens singing their little hearts out, squirrels chattering in the trees,
    • The sound of my children’s voices (now grown, but still music to my ears),
    • The voice of an old friend,
    • The sound of my grandchildren’s happy chattering,
    • The sound of laughter around me,
    • The sound of someone saying “I love you!”
    Thank you, Mary Ann, for this pleasant reminder of how blessed I am!

  18. I love the church bells chiming, I love the sound of rain. I love to hear my kids laughter. I love to hear my Lillian pretend babbling( she can't speak) it is joyous. I love christian music, I love hearing my husband read and tell stories to the kids.

  19. train tracks about 1 mile from my home. i love hearing a train during the night. about 4 in the morning there are a few birds out in our trees who don't sleep in late. i love hearing them talk about the day ahead!

  20. Like you I love to hear my children laughing. I always have. They are all grown and have grandchildren but I still love to hear them all laughing. It's the best music. I also love the sound of waves splashing on the rocky beach, rain on a tin roof, wind whistling around my house and rain pelting the windows when I'm all snug inside, and the song of a particular bird I call 'the evening bird.

  21. Sorry to hear you could not post pictures. It is frustrating, guess blogger was having problems as I could not post pictures either. Such things we call potholes in the road of life. My favorite sounds: the inner knowledge of His voice within the chasm of my spirit and soul, children laughing, gentle rain, birds in the morning, our daughter playing the keyboard, people singing and my husband’s impression of cartoon characters like Goofy, Mickey Mouse etc.
    Mrs. J.

  22. I thought I'd share two sounds that I miss.
    The lonely call of the whip-or-will and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.
    I heard these sounds as a child growing up.I have moved from there and no longer hear those sounds. I can " hear " them if II concentrate.
    A childs laughter is just about the best sound of all !

  23. Good Morning!

    This is such a precious post! Here in Maine...I love the sounds and smell of the calming and peaceful.

    On another note, I too was having trouble uploading pictures. Then I switched to the HTML mode when I went to upload them...and they came right up! Thought you might like this info. for future reference. If you have any questions about it, please ask! (Just leave a comment on my blog...)

    God bless,

  24. The cackle of pheasants in the fall; the peep of baby chicks; the first meadowlarks in the spring; and the tapes of my dad and his brothers and sisters singing the old hymns and also them singing in Czech.

  25. Good vocal harmonies (acappela), husband's car driving in the driveway, my young adult children's voices & laughter, the 'thwack' of a tennis ball, cheers at a rugby game, a horse's neigh, people praying aloud are but a few....

  26. Listening to my little girls sing, since they argue way too much!
    Listening to the sounds of nature while walking to the barn, hearing the goats bleating while I'm doing the chores,


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