Monday, June 27, 2011

MG-A Sunday Forenoon

As I sat on the backless bench I tried to keep my back from becoming shaped like a banana. The minister that was preaching was mumbling into his long dark gray beard and it was hard to understand him, so I turned my attention to Sunbeam instead as she sat on my lap playing with her special toys I saved for church. I knew I wasn't missing much since when ever I sat somewhere where I could understand him I always wished I could block his aimless monotone. He never really preached but was much more concerned about how lost people were who had left the faith they had been born into and had weird stories to share that I doubted were even true. He was also very afraid that communists would come someday and rambled on about them.

I was glad when it was time for prayer and then the next preacher got up to deliver the main sermon. He started off like he did with every single sermon he preached with a long detailed description of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Afterwards he added his favorite Bible story or two and some other rambling thoughts.

All around me people were yawning, sleeping, or looking intensely bored and I really couldn't blame them. The thought of catching a nice nap and escaping from the reality of this church was most tempting but years of having been taught and trained to not nod off in church made that I was unable to join the rest in slumberland.

I wished I could once again sit in the church house in Somerset where people seemed to have a reverence for God and the ministers actually preached sermons. Yes, there had been one that had been hard to follow but even he had more to say than these two.


  1. It's too bad there was no life in that group. Where the Word is preached with power there is life, and it's not boring in the least.
    Thank you for another look back! :)

  2. Spiritualy hungry and no food in sight...though it was contained right there in their Bible! How sad for everyone. However, our great God was sitting right there with them, as they were gathered in His name and unbeknownst to the ministers, was searching hearts and calling ...!

  3. Peggy said it all, my friend. Have been in situations like this. There are two priests that we fell in love with that brought the word to every ear ... one was Fr. Eikmeyer in Ewa Beach, Hawaii in the l960s & Fr. Gene in Libertytown, MD in the 1980/90s. Powerful preaching in soft tones but every word was heard. Miss them both.

    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. I can't imagine having to sit through hours of uninspired preaching. I can see that even this was God's way of drawing you to a deep relationship with Him.

    I go to a Bible-preaching church, and I never leave their spiritually hungry. God always speaks to me through our Sunday School teacher and pastor. You make me realize how blessed I am.

  5. This makes me extra thankful for the inspired preachers/teachers we are blessed with. We really should not take them for granted!

  6. Regardless of your chosen spiritual path, you're not going to enjoy it if people are droning on about the same things all the time. No wonder so many people were struggling to stay awake!

  7. I remember watching people during sermons as a kid, and my brother and I always used to whisper and snicker at certain old men who liked to take "long blinks". Apparently that tradition crosses all faiths. :)

  8. once I start to make lists in my head then I know the Preacher is losing me and alot of the congregation. I miss the preachers from my childhood church.. there it felt more like a family.
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. I come from a totally different back ground, so the idea of chosing your clergy by lot seems a bit odd. It seems "many are called, but few are qualified".

    My dad used to say your nerve stem runs from your bottom to your head, therefore the brain cannot absorb more than the backside can endure!

  10. I think a part of it in my church (and many others) is that the priest is expected to do everything. Preach, minister to needy individuals, run the business side of things, head fundraising efforts, confront discord, etc. We had a lovely man a while back who was called to the ministry, clearly, but as a *minister*, not as a *preacher* - had an awful droning voice, no matter how good the sermon might look on paper, he'd put you to sleep. But if you were in personal or theological distress, he was the ideal help. Another who's very skilled at running the church as organization, but not the ideal person for visiting the ill. And a truly gifted preacher who's much too scatterbrained to manage anything business-related. We've been fortunate to grow enough to have reason for multiple priests and deacons, who can share duties as best suits their gifts, but I know it's difficult when one man is expected to have skills in all areas.


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