Friday, April 23, 2010

The Sandwich

As spring came Daddy decided to fence in our field across the road from our house and the several acres of woods that we had. In order to make the fence he first needed to make fence posts. A farmer right next to the school house had lots of fine locust trees just perfect for what Daddy was looking for to make fence posts. He was planning on clearing them away in order to make more cropland anyway and told Daddy if he gets them cut and hauled away within a certain time frame he can have how ever much he needs.

Daddy decided to ask a neighboring family if one of their boys could come help him so he could get it done faster. Much to my dismay he hired LV's brother Melvin. I would be sitting at my desk in school everyday and see Daddy and Melvin pass by with load after load of freshly cut locust posts. I couldn't figure out why it bothered me so much that Melvin was working for Daddy except that Melvin's family was so far above our league that I was always uncomfortable around them and with all the things I had endured from LV the previous school years I knew that Melvin was probably secretly making fun of Daddy and the very thought that he would do that gave me a sick feeling.

As the days passed Daddy seemed to enjoy working with Melvin and would often have stories to share at the supper table of their days accomplishments and the conversations they had. I was beginning to think everything was going to be alright even if he had someone from that family working for him.

But then one evening Daddy sat down at the table and as he was filling his plate he started chuckling and started telling us about his day. They had been on their way home with their last load of posts for the day and were beginning to get quite hungry. Since Mom always packed plenty of lunch for Daddy he reached into his lunch pail and got a sandwich and offered half of it to Melvin. As Daddy ate his, he watched out of the corner of his eye as Melvin carefully dropped the sandwich in front of the wheel when he thought Daddy wasn't looking.

I was absolutely horrified that Daddy would even think of sharing his sandwich. It had been made out of homemade whole wheat bread with thick slices of our canned hamburger. And I knew that Melvin's family always had white store bought bread with cheese or deli meats. I was sure that Melvin went home and told everyone else what an awful sandwich he had been offered and they were all probably laughing at us.

Daddy didn't seem concerned about that as he chuckled heartily that someone would think that Mom's delicious sandwich didn't look appetizing enough to even take a bite.


  1. Ok I am feeling a bit ignorant here because I just assumed (always a bad thing to do) that in an Amish community that everyone was kind of at the same level financially and that no one went to the store to buy bread.
    I have alot to learn!

    Your dad sounds like a wonderful man and a good example of some one not easily offended!

  2. Lovely story! well except the part about droppin the sandwich

  3. My first thought, what a waste of good food.

    Funny but sad in a way. Children now days take that snobbish attitude to new levels.

  4. What a great attitude you dad had. My thoughts would have been the same as yours.

  5. It would be interesting to see how LV AND Melvin are faring these days.

  6. This delicious post reminded me of our family's sandwich son's lunch always included some type of sandwich on my homemade bread...being a scrawny first grader, half a sandwich suited his day he announced that he would be needing TWO whole sandwiches EACH day, as his appetite was increasing...I didn't buy this story for a minute, but played along...I quickly learned that he was selling half sandwiches for 25cents each!!!!!
    He is 33 years old now and still reflects on his early days in business!!!
    Thank you for stirring that memory for me...
    Busy Hands...Happy Hearts

  7. oh all I can do is laugh. I can identify on many levels.

    Your dad had a great attitude.

  8. Great post...great attitude on your dad's part. :)

  9. YOUR family was well above that nasty LV/Melvin one! MUCH classier!!!

  10. I could use a LOT more of your dad's wisdom. His reaction showed that opinions or snobbery couldn't change who he KNEW he was. And honestly, I've never heard of canned hamburger. Was it like meatloaf and did you slice it? I'd like to hear more about how it was made, etc.

    Blessings! :) (Hey, say hi to your aunt for me.)

  11. Accepted my friendship in any simplicity

  12. When I was an Amish child only the poor and lowly had home made bread and canned meat. It honestly was a shame to have to eat homemade bread in school.

  13. What a wonderful story! My Granny used to can hamburger patties and sausage. Poor fella didn't know what kind of treasure he was tossin' under the wheel.

    God bless and have a terrific Tuesday!!!


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