Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays used to be a long drawn out affair when I was growing up. Thursdays were spent cooking and cleaning. Usually by the time we got home from school an hour early Mom had most of the things done in preparation but there were always a few jobs waiting for us.

Good Friday was spent fasting until noon, and the afternoons we had the option of going to visit friends or having someone over. Most times we just stayed at home and read and played games and anything that was considered to not be irreverent or too rowdy. Saturdays we once again prepared food and spot cleaned the house in preparation for Sunday and Easter Monday.  If it was our church Sunday we all went to church but it seemed most years it was our in-between Sunday. We would sit around reading and playing games, since we had just had a day to do that it wasn't quite as fun. Easter Monday was even worse. We were all ready to get back to work and be able to do things instead of just sitting around the house twiddling our thumbs. I always breathed a big sigh of relief once the holidays were over and it would be another year before we had back to back days of not being able to do anything except quiet things.


  1. I love reading stories of your childhood in the Amish life...do you miss the Amish ways...just wondering.....blessings

  2. What an interesting celebration ... I had no idea. Your sharing enlightens & educates all of us ... the stories are absolutely wonderful.

    Thank you for always bringing sunshine into my days.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. What a unique way to celebrate. I had no idea but it makes sense too.
    I think I would have been with you on breathing a sigh of relief that you could do something other than be quiet.

  4. I know it must have been hard as a child..to not do the usual things you do during a week day. I have to say though, that I miss the days when our teens were younger and we could, without question, declare Sundays to be at the very least..'electronic' free. We still do our best and the kids seem to like it too. Playing games builds a lot more family unity than blogging, movies and computer games. It sort of forces us to interact more than we would otherwise do. I'm sure you know what I mean! :o)

  5. I never could stand Sundays as a child! Living out West now they are just as fun as any other day, though.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed what I have read so far on yours - hope to have some time later to sit and read more.

    Be blesssed.

  7. Cuckoo of FRANCE with all my friendship
    I have just put a new "Amish" banner to me said I of what you think of it! In very fast
    Best regards marylin

  8. I truly enjoyed reading about your childhood Easter.
    It is so interesting reading about others spent their holidays.


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