Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Cookie

Elmer and Lucy were an elderly couple in our community. Elmer was a short heavyset man with a great sense of humor. He was friends with everyone and the sound of his laughter would alert us that he was nearby.

One Sunday we were invited to their house for lunch. We arrived in time to help Lucy with her preparations of her simple meal. There were potatoes, meat and gravy and some kind of vegetable. For dessert there was a bowl of peaches and a plate filled with oatmeal cookies.

We children sat on a bench at the back of the table and listened as the grown ups visited. Elmer was regaling us with stories from his younger years and everyone was enjoying themselves. As everyone finished with their first course it was time to pass the cookies and peaches and a little pitcher of milk.

Everyone took a cookie and some peaches. As I bit into my cookie I was surprised how hard it was. The conversation continued as Daddy and everyone else placed their cookie in their plate and poured milk over it and spooned peaches beside it. I watched as Daddy tried to pry a bite of the cookie off with his spoon. It was too hard and as he kept visiting he kept on try to get his spoon to cut through the cookie. The cookie was so hard that even the milk that had been poured over it was having a hard time soaking into it. All of a sudden his spoon slipped and his entire cookie went flying across the table and landed in Lucy's plate.

Conversation stopped and Elmer started laughing. Daddy was embarrassed by what had just happened but Elmer continued laughing. Loud rolling laughter. His shoulders shook and tears streamed down his face as he tried to control himself but every time he was almost done laughing he had to start all over again.

Daddy finished his peaches and I had a sneaking suspicion that he was secretly glad he didn't have to eat that cookie.


  1. That story literally made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Laughing with you this morning. I bet your Dad could of died. That is too funny. I hate when things like that happen, I think we all have our share.

    until next time... nel

  3. Oh this made me laugh too! I can only imagine your father's embarassment and maybe that of the lady who baked them too.
    I once made cookies like that while my mother was living with me. I altered the recipe to make them with less fat. All we could do is dunk them in hot tea and they were still crunchy.
    Mother thought it was funny when I told her I invented a new cookie recipe and would call them 'Dunkle's'which is one of my family names.
    Thanks for letting starting my day with a good laugh!

  4. How wonderful good to have such childhood memories. :)

  5. Thank you so much for the laugh! I needed this today.

  6. This was such a sweet story! Thank you for making me laugh at the picture thought. I'm sure this will be something your family will laugh at for years to come. I have one to share with you - we were out to eat with a man, & he was talking away. I was eating a salad, bit into my little cherry tomato, & it squirted him in the face - tomato landed right on his cheek! Funny thing way, he never stopped talking - he was oblivious that he had been squirted, & wore the proof of it on his cheek. It took everything in me to hold in my giggles. Sorry to have went on & on, but your story reminded me of that. Have a blessed day!! Would love for you to visit my everyday blog - http://homespunblessings.net/Gratefulheartblog.html

  7. Cute story! I love the idea of peaches and milk for dessert sans the hard cookie. :D

  8. Poor Lucy - I'm sure we've all made a cookie or two like that in our time. What a hoot Elmer is - makes you happy just to be around him doesn't it?? ♥

  9. How did Lucy take it?

  10. I am still laughing thinking about him laughing. Great story.

  11. This is so funny !! I enjoyed reading the post !

  12. Stopping in to Wish you a Blessed Weekend :)

  13. If I understood we speak about cake and milk!!!!!!
    CelĂ  gives me hunger

    Best regards of marylin and poussy France

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