Monday, July 20, 2009

Going Award Free

I am about to do something that I never realized I would even think of doing several months ago when I started to blog.

I don't want to offend anyone, and really do appreciate that you would even consider my blog worthy of an award. But the whole award thing has become a little overwhelming. I again have seven awards waiting to be passed on from well meaning folks who have read my blog. Some have notified me through comments on my posts and others have e-mailed me directly.

Again I thank you for considering me, but I have decided to go Award Free. Your comments are reward enough! I really enjoy reading all of your comments. It makes the blogging world a lot more fun!


  1. I tried to do the award 'thing' when I first started blogging. It is so much work. It was a hard decision, but I don't do them anymore either. I like your banner for it, if it is ok, I would like to post it on my blogs.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

  2. Saw this post so I will take you off the list :) and I will pass it to someone else.
    Yes, it does take time!

    A few ladies from my church read my blog and read the synopsis about A Joyful Chaos. They are so enjoying your stories!


  3. It's so hard to be a SUPERSTAR!!! ha ha ha I have to confess, the last one I got, I posted but didn't pass it on because I didn't want to offend either and I'd be afraid that some of the blogs would think, 'And who are you again??' Can I share the idea and post it as well??

  4. Good for you! I love that you are going to be Award Free, you have inspired me.

  5. I have been award/tag free for a bit now and although I valued the honors that others bestowed upon me, it was too time consuming for me. Besides that how can you pick only a select few to pass it on to when there are so many great and deserving blogs out there!?!

    ~Mrs. M

    P.S. Enjoying your blog greatly.

  6. I am terrible at doing those award things or the tag things. I can never just "answer the question(s)"! I do however occasionally mention another person's blog when I am particularly struck by what they are doing or inspired by what they say. I'm glad you have made this decision.

  7. Don't blame you one bit...once you start accumulating them, they are impossible to keep up with and can really drain your time.

  8. I'm going to steal this Award free/tag free thingie. Thank you very much.

  9. Thank you for visiting me today! I really enjoyed reading your blog, especially your take on the Sarah Cain movie. I recently saw it, and wondered how true to the Amish Community that movie was.

    I hope to come back and visit again very soon!



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