Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thanks for all the comments yesterday, telling me to not worry about the house. While I won't be putting out any "Dust Bunnies Welcome" signs. I won't be overly concerned when the occasional one appears.

Yesterday one of my husband's brother's were here and brought pictures along for us from various family gatherings over the past year. I never thought to take our camera to these events that include Amish, because I value what little acceptance we have, and I don't have a good quality camera that allows me to take pictures from a safe distance that turn out half ways acceptable.

These pictures were taken last summer when my husband's parents had a family gathering for all five of their children and the 30+ grandchildren. My sister-in-law and her husband took turns running in the house when no one else was there to take pictures through the windows. They didn't turn out too bad even though the screens were in the way.

Here Grandpa is helping one of the little girls.

My mother-in-law is the one in the dark red dress and blue tie on apron, and my husband's only sister standing behind her. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Here is my husband with his parents, though one of his nephews is blocking us from seeing his Mothers face.

And here are all the brothers and the one brother-in-law. Wonder if you can pick out the in-law?


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your family. Happy 4th!

  2. Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my Amish bakery! That is cool how you grew up in that area! Did you ever go to Canaan Valley and see the Blackwater Falls?

    I wasn't sure if there were more Amish in that area or not. We only found them by mistake when we took a drive to Deep Creek Lake a couple of years ago. We have only drivin on the main road and seen all of those beautiful farms. I did see an Amish buggy in a garage of one of the homes as we drove by on the main road this visit. And we seen a few Amish men working in their fields on our way to the bakery. I have only ever been in the bakery but they are really friendly there. We did go to Sugar Creek a couple of years ago and the Amish there seem to be more shy like which I don't understand since it is a tourist area there. The Amish in that Maryland area is not well known that they are there I don't think??? They do use tractors and have electricity and drive cars as the Amish in Ohio most don't that we could tell when we were there back then. We only seen them driving their buggies which is a beautiful site if you ask me.

    I took a few pictures of some of the farms when we were driving by in Maryland this time. I didn't take any pictures of the people and I never have. I am trying to get them posted soon. My laptop won't do it for some reason so I'll have to use the one upstairs.

    I have read that the Amish don't like their pictures taken and I have often wondered about that. Would you share that with us? I couldn't figure out which one of the men in the last picture is your in-law. They all look related but I'll venture a guess that it is the one in the blue shirt with the plate in his hand. I think it is great that you and your husband's families get together like that. Our families don't get together hardly at all. It is a sad thing. My dad had 15 brothers and sisters. I had never met a few of them until my grandmother died and I've not seen them since.

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

    If the weather holds off we will drive into town to see the fireworks tonight!

    God Bless!

  3. Looks like a wonderful family summer BBQ in the country, not so different from events all over the country. Only the clothes are unfamiliar. I was very interested to see the photos.
    I can't figure out which is the in-law in the last photo.

  4. Lovely photos. It looks like a peaceful happy time. Have a nice 4th!

  5. Thanks for sharing your stories of your Amish childhood. It's very interesting. Have you thought about writing a book sharing your experiences?
    Happy 4th.

  6. Oh I'm so glad that you took to heart, our asking you to not worry needlessly about the housekeeping aspect of life, right now. :-)

    A very handsome husband you have there!

    And you say that you are former Amish, so I guess it's fine for me to mention it. I wonder what was your turning point, and 'the why' of your leavng the Amish? But have not wanted to be so bold as to ask.

    Now that you put these pictures up, I'm getting more 'brave' and actually asking. :-) Would there possibly be a post here, which explains it in some detail? If so, would you please point me to it, when you have the time? And if you wish to do so, of course? I'm not trying to pry.

    Please and thank you. And a Very Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

    'Aunt Amelia'
    la dot attico at yahoo dot com

  7. Love the "sneaky" pics!! Ok, I'm going to guess the brother-in-law is the one in front, far right. He doesn't seem to have the bowl-type haircut. Don't forget to let us know on your next post which one he is!! Have a happy 4th ~

  8. I too wonder if it is the one on the far right, but then again his facial features resembles the others. Hmm....
    When we go to Kalona I avoid taking pictures of the people. I had me a brain pause when I wonder about a horse and wagon outside what I thought was an outhouse so far from all the other buildings. I thought that'd make an interesting picture. Then my husband tells me someone is on the phone in there! LOL Oops.

  9. Re Angela:
    The Amish in Oakland Maryland are what we call New Order Amish. They have electricity and drive tractors for transportation during the week. On Sundays they drive a horse and buggy. They do not however drive a car. There are lots of Mennonites living in that area and look somewhat similar to Amish that you probably mistook as being Amish.

    Amish do not pose for pictures because of the commandment"thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image......" Strange as it may sound they are delighted to find pictures of themselves or friends in newspapers. Most Amish families have an album with clippings of pictures of their friends and family members. The "sin" is in posing, not in having the picture that was taken without their permission.

    One of the oldest but by no means the largest Amish communities is about 45 minutes northeast
    of Oakland in Somerset County PA

  10. I was taken by the sight of the ENORMOUS gas bbq (grill)!!! How did they smuggle that past Customs House (Amish Sector)??????

  11. OK, I think I got my new blog up and going! Come visit me at and by the way, my husband thinks the man holding the plate is the in-law. Can't wait to find out!

  12. Love the pictures. It really is a different life. The hair, the beards, the dresses.
    I love seeing it though.
    One thing seems the same - Family loving to get together!!

  13. OH.OH.OH. I just love coming here and seeing these sweet pictures in the gentle setting was lovely. Your husband is a fine looking man and the children are precious. I LOVE the little bonnets and the women. I think there is just part of many of us that long for the simple life (though we wouldn't share all that goes with it which may be among some of the reasons you left though I don't know) and you give us a lovely glimpse. I always feel more peaceful after visiting here. I'm quite sure that means I should visit more often!!! lol

  14. Thanks for answering my questions!

    I think we have been in the Somerset area when we went to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster County and Hershey Park a few years back. That was a lovely area but I liked the Sugar Creek area in Ohio better. Ohio is more of the little town feeling than the PA area was. I like the old small town feel. There were a lot Amish or Mennonite families at Dutch Wonderland when we were there.


  15. Re Angela:

    Somerset County is almost two hundred miles west from Lancaster area. The difference between those two communities is huge! Lancaster has had tourism forced on it, Somerset is a mostly an unknown area, there are lots of other differences too but I'll come to that sometime in a future blog post.

  16. I loved seeing the Amish photos. Thanks for explaining about why they don't pose for pictures.
    There is an Amish community in southern md too.


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