Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The First Six weeks

A few days after David was born, one of Daddy's sisters, my Aunt Susie, came to help with all the work until Mom was able to manage on her own again. As tradition has it in all the older Amish settlements a single girl comes to do all the work while the mother stays in bed for a week to 10 days after her baby is born and then sits and enjoys her newborn and does light handwork etc. until the baby is six weeks old.

Aunt Susie was a no nonsense and definitely not fun loving person. She did her work with a vengeance and had neither time nor patience for little children bothering her. It wasn't long before John and I stayed in the bedroom with Mom and played on the floor in there, rather than risking the disapproval of Aunt Susie.

Susie took good care of the garden and the house, and when Mom could finally sit in the living room life seemed a lot better. But there was a strained atmosphere in the house until the day when Daddy and Mom paid and thanked her for helping out and sent her back home.

That first evening alone was wonderful. Daddy and Mom laughed and talked like they used to and we were once more, a happy little family with a beautiful baby boy that made the previous six weeks worth living through after all.


  1. Hi,
    Sometimes people are so efficient they lose their fun side like Aunt Susie,but a blessing in disguise for your Mother to be able to rest up for 6 weeks.Giving birth is such hard work but recovering afterwards is even harder!
    I'm so enjoying your tales of your life.Please may they long continue.
    ~Down Willow Lane~

  2. I think everyone has an "Aunt Susie" - too funny. Hey, she got the job done. I can't imagine taking that much time off after the birth of a baby - sounds WONDERFUL!!


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