Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Glimpse of Our Life

There are times that I am convinced that I am the happiest girl in the world. I am rich in so many things that money can't buy. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and three great children and I'm enjoying everyday.

Before you think I'm all mushy and out of touch with reality I'll admit there are little things that pop up occasionally that aren't all sweet and perfect, but it's nothing that a song and a smile can't fix. For most of the years of our marriage I would hear women griping or grumbling about their husband or details in their lives and I would feel guilty at how happy I am and try not to let anyone know how I feel. That has to change, I still feel sorry for woman who are unhappy and have problems but, no longer will I hide the joy I have at being married, and devoting my life to pleasing my husband and enjoying my children.

I'm sharing pictures today that depict an average day of our life.

We are always on the outlook for anything pretty or unique outdoors. Today it happened to be a flowering Dogwood tree.
Sunbeam can surprise me at the things she ponders about. I caught her here, lost in thought and had to sneak a picture of her without disturbing her, so I turned off the flash.

After a bit she bounced off and came to ask if she can live with me always. She doesn't want to go on Sailor's ship.

I of course assured her I'd be happy to have her live with us for as long as she wants to.

Sailor's pup Wags is devoted to his little master. They spend hours together every day and whenever Sailor has to do his schoolwork Wags will be sitting patiently outside the patio doors waiting for him.
Here he is watching Rosebud wash windows.

Rosebud wants to help with everything. If I'm cooking or baking she's right there helping. (Sunbeam likes to be involved too) She has mastered a few of the simpler things already and can't wait to be able to do everything on her own.
Here she was helping wash windows, she loves making the rags squeak against the glass and informed me that if she rubs very hard it almost sounds like a whip-poor-will singing.
I listened and it really does sound similar.

And here Sailor is singing away as he is filling the water tub for the few calves we have right now.
It's too bad you can't hear him sing. He sings all the while he does his chores. I never realized how much, until one of our neighbors told me that they can tell whenever it's chore time because they hear Sailor singing.

He is Daddy's right hand man and takes great pride at taking the responsibility of being man of the house on the occasion Daddy can't be at home.


  1. You have a fine family and it's great to see them all taking on their own responsibilties-an obvious influence of your upbringing.I think it gives them a feeling of purpose,though my eldest moans sometimes as she's rather be playing her piano!
    I guess everyone feels down with their lives at some point,but the old phrase,the grass is greener springs to mind.I'm not sure if people really appreciate what they REALLY have before it's too late.We are,after all only human.I'm glad you are happy with your life.
    Down Willow Lane

  2. Wow, these photos look so beautiful and sweet and peaceful.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning and leaving the nice comment.
    I am enjoying reading about your family.
    I was so surprise when I saw Sunbeam on your couch, we have that SAME couch. Actually ours is a love seat and a couch with 4 pillows.
    So great! We are in Missouri, that is where we bought it, what state did you buy yours in?

  4. This morning I have read many of your posts, but this one I is my favorite. It reminds me of life here at my house, and how many times I have held back being joyful, because others were complaining. I too finally learned not to be ashamed. I do feel bad for the unhappy people, and the women that are so unhappy in their marriages, but I have vowed to relish every moment I have with my husband and my four beautiful blessings. I do wish I could help other women see that a happy marriage, is mostly a choice to be happy and to serve your family with a joyful heart. It took me many years to learn that lesson, but I am glad that I did. I hope nothing I said comes across as prideful, I just wanted to say that I can absolutely relate to what you are saying there. Love the pictures of your kiddos doing their chores.. Tell that boy to keep singing. I believe my hubby and my boys have the most fun when they are all out building or clearing or just somehow working together. Working together as a family builds such strong bonds. Thanks for the reminder, I sometimes get so busy, that I rush the chidlren away instead of slowing down and letting them join in. Thanks again, I enjoyed your blog immensely...

  5. I think it's wonderful that you are happy being a wife and mother...nothing wrong with admitting it. It's to bad more people aren't happy in their marriage. I just found your blog tonight, and haven't had time to read a lot of it, but just wanted to say Hi. :)

  6. How similar our lives are. Such a joy to read!


  7. I'm struck by the innocence of children in this post. Your kids, especially, seem to be un-daunted by the world. I can't stop reading your posts! :)


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