Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Rainbows

It's a dreary rainy day outside, but indoors the "sun" is shining. With three children there is never a dull moment. At any given moment there is something interesting going on.

Right now there is a lively discussion on what would be the best route to take to get from the east coast to California, with the atlas spread out before them they are intently taking notes and picking out towns to stop at for the night. They have managed to give me traveling fever.
Our son just celebrated his ninth birthday, and dreams of being the captain of a ship once he's old enough, I'll be calling him Sailor in this blog, our oldest daughter is seven and loves helping out around the kitchen, Rosebud seems to fit quite nicely as a name tag for her, and then our four year old, so far she is content being the Sunbeam of the family.

Here is Sunbeam after sitting through one of Rosebud's hairdressing sessions.
Rosebud and Sailor. Their laughter is so contagious, I can never see this picture without having to smile.


  1. Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway.

    I know about that contagious laughter. I have 4 small grandchildren who delight my days when i see them..

    Barbara Jean

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by. I really like your blog and will be stopping by often. Can't wait to read more about your Amish upbringing.

    Warm Regards,

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I have enjoyed reading your posts so far. I love to hear about your childhood memories.
    I also think Joyful Chaos is a wonderful blog title!

  4. I have been wondering about the children's names! Very interesting!
    They are the cutest! Looking very happy!

    Debbie S.

  5. I have 5 granddaughters that are the light of my life and now I have 9 great-grandchildren that are added to it and possibly more to come. I also have a fantastic son and daughter(in-law) that I cherish as well.


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