Thursday, February 17, 2022

Snippets of Life with Steven

    The teeny tiny pencil that Steven has been using for way too long finally wrote its last word.

    "Friends and family, " he said, "come gather around the trash can for this solemn occasion as we say our final good bye to my little pal. We wrote many great things together, and some not so great. The memories I made with him can not be erased."

    A few dramatic dabs at his eyes and then he was off to get a new pencil to continue his school work.


    There were errands to run and upon leaving the last store Sharon told Steven to hop on the cart, and went running to our vehicle with him squealing with laughter the entire way.

    The few items we got were tucked into the back, the cart placed into the corral next to us, and we got in. As we were seat belting ourselves Steven sighed a happy sigh, "That was fun!" he said.

    I started pulling out of our parking spot. His voice became all chipper: "So, Sharon, same time tomorrow?"


    The house was quiet as Steven and I were focused on the project in front of us, when all of a sudden a peculiar noise started.

    We looked at each other and tried to listen a bit more intently. The added concentration did nothing to solve the mystery of the noise, so I got up to investigate.

    I was halfway down the hallway when Steven came flying up behind me, and grabbed my hand. "I'll go with you!" he said.

    My heart melted into a hundred little puddles at his protectiveness.

    We got to the end of the hallway and discovered the snow and ice on the roof was melting rapidly and hitting the window and outside windowsill creating the weird unexpected noise.

    He dropped my hand, we both laughed, and then returned to our project relieved that everything in our world was still alright.


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