Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's a phrase your mother often said to you? If you're a parent, is this something you now say to your own children?

I don't think she had a phrase she said often.

She did however squeeze her eyes shut when one of us was doing something somewhat dangerous rather than running to rescue us from potentially getting hurt. I find myself doing the same thing, though I've been trying very hard not to.

2. What is a scent you associate with your mother or your childhood home?

I wish I had something. Without a sense of smell there is nothing like that for me.

3. What's an activity you remember always doing with your mother (or someone who was a mother figure in your life)?

I don't even know where to begin. We did everything together.

Cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening, canning, sewing, singing, working, playing, reading, writing. She was my best friend and I'll treasure those memories, always!
4. Flared jeans, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits are 70's fashion trends back this spring. Are you on board? Which trend would you be most inclined to try? For the men...flared corduroys, wide-collared shirts, and floral prints...what say you?

Maxi dresses sound the best to me out of those choices. I'm not planning on jumping aboard that fashion trend though.

5. May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Day and also Nurse Appreciation Day. Is there a nurse or teacher  you have especially appreciated along the way? Tell us why?

There is one nurse that really stand out in my memory. When I had a lengthy hospital stay, she went above and beyond her duties and was like a ray of sunshine during a difficult time. Truly one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

6. If I came by your house, what would I find on your frig door?

There are only four magnets on our refrigerator door. The side of the refrigerator is quite another story and is where Buddy keeps all his magnets and displays his artwork.

7. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana made her royal entrance on Saturday, May 2nd. On a scale of 1-10, how much attention did you give to all the news coverage? 1=Who's Charlotte? 10=sat glued to the telly, cuppa in hand.

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it. I did enjoy seeing the pictures, a super adorable little baby! It was nice have some happy news in the headlines for a change.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

One of my favorite sounds of spring is a robin's song. I've been listening to several ever since I got up a little after four this morning. I wonder ...... what time do robins start their day? I know the saying "The early bird gets the worm." But they're so busy singing I don't think any worm getting is happening.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Your fridge looks a lot neater than mine the butterflies are pretty. We have a robin that visits our garden. I can't encourage birds too much though as we have a cat as do several neighbours.

  2. I do enjoyed your Hodgepodge! I too love to hear the birds singing early in the morning.

  3. I do enjoyed your Hodgepodge! I too love to hear the birds singing early in the morning.

  4. I do think a nurse who is exceptionally kind and caring means so much. Most are, but some go above the expected. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Oh my gosh! I wish my fridge looked that good! Your sides are almost like my whole fridge and I don't' have kids! LOL 1st time with the Hodgepodge and popping in to say "hey!"

  6. The memories you shared about your mother are so sweet and are a testament to her patience and love. I did not realize it was already time for the royal baby to arrive but had to smile at the name...same as my eight year old daughter (without the Diana)! I wish I could wake up singing the way the birds do, they are such a wonderful gift from God!

  7. How awesome that you and your mom did everything together. I was excited to hear about the baby being a girl, I love her name and she is so cute! We don't hear bird very often in the morning but I do enjoy it when we do.

  8. Being British, I've been very interested in the newest arrival. Our group had a baby shower in honor of Charlotte, and then donated all of the goodies to Birthright.

  9. I just saw my first spring robin the other day. I guess I too was interested in the royal baby although I am an ex pat. I live in Canada now. Do you always get up at 4 am.?

  10. sense of smell....can you taste? Did you miss out on the delicious Amish foods or can you taste a little? I tried your Christmas pudding and artichoke dip and, for what it's worth, they came out great so even if you can't have good taste in food ;)


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