Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winds of Change

Ever since we moved into the house where we live now I have always enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the waterfall. When the weather was warm enough to have our windows open I enjoyed listening to the soothing sound of water rushing over the falls.
When they started putting up those windmills I wasn't enthused about having them nearby and when the first blades started poking up above the tree line I wasn't thrilled but it wasn't too bad since all we could see were the blades appearing and disappearing as they turned slowly. And then they plopped nine of them even closer where I have no choice of seeing them when ever I look out the window. Again I thought I'll probably get used to them someday.
They didn't have them spinning for quite a while, but that changed in the last several weeks. And my thinking I'll get used to them soon has changed also. Since they are in use they produce noise. The first time I stepped outside the house I was wondering how we can hear the traffic so clearly from the Interstate five miles away. Turns out I wasn't hearing the noise of traffic, but the noise of the windmills. Depending which way the wind is blowing the blades turn in a way that the sunlight reflects off of them and every turn throws splashes of blinding light at the house, giving me a headache.
A fan of these monstrosities, I am not.


  1. Ohhh, so sorry you have them close! I've heard bad things about them, (health problems and such). Sure hope they don't come here to our neck of the woods! I like to be able to hear the peaceful nature sounds too...and they could destroy ever being able to hear that again, should they come.

  2. Most distressing, indeed. We drive by a a wind farm 1-2 times per year - UGLY and noisy. I can't stand driving by it.

    Even more distressing for your family is that these monstrosities have also affected your property values in a very negative way (maybe as much as a 50% decline) & there is nothing you can do to alter that.

    So sorry that this beautiful and peaceful area has been destroyed, just heartbreaking.


  3. Still, there's also something peaceful about watching them turn slowly in the breeze. And thinking that they produce electricity, something most of us enjoy, is cause to celebrate as well.

  4. Linda, sadly any electricity produced by these will never benefit anyone in our area and is instead sent clear across the country. The shocking price tag on each of these will have a hard time being paid for by the end of the life expectancy of one of these windmills. The amount of trees and land sacrificed for each should have even the greenest of environmentalists appalled.

  5. Oh that would be horrible! I am so sorry you have to deal with it.

  6. So sorry, I would be upset too. I won't go into a political rant, but I will say that if people don't wake up soon we will no longer have any voice left and the good of a few will be affecting the majority of us(these so called clean energy alternatives are just the beginning.)


    1. There are wonderful quiet-green-clean-energy opportunities such as solar.

  7. A bad view is better than a dead poisoned plant...

  8. The are ugly for sure, and do make a headache producing noise. I wouldn't want any near my home.

  9. Unfortunately they are coming to our town and we have no say. There was a bill that was passed in our State and because of this bill, it overrides our town's voice. As far as the electricity it produces...the ones that will be produced from this particular wind farm will be sold to CT not our State. Also our electric rates will not even be affected in the positive, only in the in our rates will be going up. Te only positive that I can find with our windfarm is that I will not be able to see them or possibly hear them from where I live.

    Sorry to hear about your headaches, I can only imagine what you are going through.

  10. I don't mean to begin a back-and-forth about the good or bad of wind energy, but it has been such a blessing for my family. We, in fact, own such a windmill, and what an answer to prayer it's been! It will provide for our girls' education in the future, and does already provide electricity to those in our own state. The family who owns the land around the little patch where our windmill sits is compensated very well each and every year. And there is virtually no noise coming from them - just a gentle whoosh, whoosh as the blades turn in the wind. To me, they're not ugly monstrosities - they're a beautiful, majestic backdrop in the fields of Iowa. Several years ago, I wrote a post about our ribbon cutting ceremony. I hope you'll read it, and realize that not all wind farms are created equal. =)

  11. I live in the largest INDIANA wind farm! I totally understand your frustrations.....


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