Thursday, January 17, 2013


I love being able to watch Buddy explore his little world. Seeing everything through the eyes of a little child is refreshing and fun. To him every day is an adventure and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.
It keeps me on my toes, because not only does he thrill in learning how to use each of his toys properly, he also enjoys exploring, touching, and pulling on everything.
I just got done cleaning up a major mess when I made the mistake of setting all the grocery bags on the floor while I was putting everything away. Buddy waited until my back was turned and explored the contents of an egg carton. And then swished his hands through the slimy mess before I was able to reach him.
After a thorough clean up, he is busy playing again. And I won't be setting groceries on the floor again.


  1. WOW...that is so funny! Little kids are really a lot of fun to have around :)

  2. I set my groceries on the floor, too, but the eggs I am always protective of. I bring them in from the car and I set them on the counter until I put them away. I did have my two year old break a large jar of salsa once when she was "helping" me put the groceries away. Now she asks if she can help and she tries to make sure she doesn't pick up anything glass.

    It's fun to watch kids explore. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. This makes me think of my grandson, he is 2 now and exploring is his life! Cute story and your Buddy is a cutie!

  4. I cant believe how he has grown. It seems no time since you announced that he was on the way!

  5. What a doll! And why do little ones always always go for the eggs! Ha Ha

  6. I can't believe I found you again! I started reading your story shortly after you started writing and then somehow lost you. So good to see you're still here!

  7. So, I started chuckling ... I could see and feel this experience! My worst one was with baby conrstarch powder. Somehow, 18 month old Jeff quietly got the container and proceeded to shake it vigorously, I'm sure, all over the hardwood floor in the dining room. When I found him, the damage was already done and he was sitting in the middle of it. I looked at him for about 10 seconds and decided this was a Kodak moment. Some of the cutest pics I've ever taken. We then swept and vacuumed. We saw traces of powder there for a long time, and it would just make me smile.

    The baby cornstarch powder is now kept much higher... grandchildren, don'tcha know!


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