Monday, January 30, 2012


Attempt number five at getting  a blog post written this morning. I don't like wasting your time coming to check for a new post and it hasn't been updated yet.

Our weekend was busy which seems to have had an affect on Buddy and his sleeping schedule and this morning he is more of a Mr. Fussypants.

Weekends are thought of as a time of relaxing, having fun, and recharging but I'm beginning to think the reason that Monday is viewed so unfavorably is because we are all worn out from doing too much over the weekend.

Saturday was busy, we didn't get quite all our things done we had planned and yesterday we had our usual Sunday activities. Going to church, and then in the afternoon and evening sitting and visiting with an older friend that has health issues. We enjoy it but somehow we're always very tired by the end of the day.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to care for Buddy again.  In the meantime I would enjoy hearing how you spend a typical weekend.


  1. After caring for my granddaughter all week, Saturday is a rest time for me. I usually do something in or around the house for myself as I clean during the week.

    Sunday is the day of worship and is usually very busy. It is the time when my children come home and we eat and visit. Last night we sang at a new church with a couple other groups and we are really tired today!

    Enjoy your Buddy!

  2. I'm a deli clerk at a grocery store, so I usually work on Saturdays. At home the kids and hubby pitch in to do laundry and housework.

    On Sundays we go to church. We homeschool the two youngest (9th grade girl and 3rd grade boy). On Sunday evenings I typically skip the evening service so I can plan lessons for the week. That's usually the one time I have to do so.

  3. Saturday is chore day around here too, although there still seems to be plenty of time for "play".

    We also homeschool, so I try to get the past week's work posted and plan for the coming week on Saturday. Otherwise I have to do it on Sunday evening.

    On Sunday's we're all involved with the church service: worship team, ushering, running the "tech" booth, teaching Sunday school. That means we get there early and stay late! We also drive about 35 minutes each way, so we're gone from home from 8:30 till 1:30 or 2:00.

    If I was up late the night before I'll take a nap. Sometimes we'll all play a board game or cards, but I'm ashamed to say that more often than not our afternoon and evening is spent snacking and watching videos.

  4. Typically our Saturdays are school days, at least about 4 hours of the day is. We also tend to household chores, and preparing for church on Sunday, which includes setting out Sunday's clothing, ironing(if needed), making sure all shoes and socks are accounted for...

    Sunday is church, when we return back home, we have lunch, and then we will either read, play games, or watch a movie.

    My husband works nights, which entails working Saturday and Sunday, making our "weekend" Tuesday and Wednesday" every 2nd and 4th Tuesday is 4-H, and some Tuesdays are errand days, but on Tuesdays we are home my husband likes to play games like Rage, and Uno after the kids have their schoolwork done.

    On Wednesdays we will either play games, or watch a movie, but the kids must have their schoolwork done first.


  5. My husband's days off are Friday and Saturday so usually Friday is a day to be together and get things done around the house. Sometimes we'll get together with people on Friday nights. It seems like more often than not there is something to go to or do on Saturdays so they usually end up being busy. Sunday is church and often time with friends or family afterwards. We try to enjoy a Sunday afternoon nap which is very helpful in starting a new week!

  6. Hmmm, a typical weekend...that's a good question. I always "feel" busy but I don't think I do a whole lot. I've been working the past few Saturdays so that stinks and yesterday I did some mending so that was pretty fun because I don't get to sew much. Friday is usually pizza night - there, that's something! LOL

  7. Since I am a teacher, I usually have a few hours of grading to do, which I do on Saturdays and on Sundays I do gradebook online. This past Saturday, was science fair. I was a judge and we had 5 students from our school there, so I had to stay for the awards ceremony to call my kids who won a medal.

  8. Some Saturdays I teach CPR classes, others we go visit family or just stay home. If we stay home, we usually do a couple hours of homeschooling and read or play board games.

    Sundays is church and visiting, then youth group and bed.

  9. We try to keep weekends low key (emphasis on "try") but find our selves recovering on Monday! Now that we are "retired" and working part-time, we try to not work on Saturdays so we can spend time together... getting tired doing fun things! However, this past Saturday, Bill got called in to work ... and I ended up finishing taxes for our summer business. (ugh). So much more fun to go snowshoeing or visiting friends!

    Sundays are usually the same each week: church with choir (this Sunday Bill was preaching for a Pastor friend in another church) and Sunday School in the morning and an evening service, too. Sometimes we share our afternoon meal with a friend or two but more often than not, we eat brunch somewhere, come home and fall asleep together on the sofa :-)


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