Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashing Lights

The morning had started much like any other mornings. We got up early to do the milking and all the other chores involved in a dairy farm.

It was a Thursday and I planned on spending my day at my parents house since their store wasn't open for business on Thursdays which meant Mom and I would have the day uninterrupted to visit and work on what ever projects she had going at the moment. LV was planning to take us and then work on some repairs that needed to be done.

Before we were done with breakfast someone dropped by saying that they really needed help and wondered if LV could leave with them right away. He dropped everything and left. He said he was sorry he couldn't take us to my parents but that we would plan on it for the next Thursday.

I started clearing dishes away disappointed to have to change my plans and then decided there was no reason why I couldn't walk to my parents. It was only two miles, we had a double stroller that would work great for Sailor and Rosy.

We were soon on our way. It was a beautiful morning and I was enjoying the walk while  listening to Sailor's happy chatter. Rosy was lulled to sleep from the movement of the stroller until a siren sounded behind me and lights started flashing. I was surprised to have a cop right next to me and ask where I was going this morning.

I told him and then he said, "The reason I stopped you is because you dropped a blanket on the road." I have no idea how I missed seeing it drop from the stroller and I thanked him and quickly went to retrieve it while he headed on his way.

I couldn't help but be amused though and wonder how many Amish women can say that a cop pulled them over while walking down the road with two little children in a stroller? The lights and siren wouldn't have been that necessary but living in a very low crime rate area he might have been glad for a chance to get to use them.


  1. That's too funny - yep, I'm sure it was a slow day so turning on the lights and siren was probably his highlight. Probably most of the crime in that town was committed by Amish women with children in tow!! HA HA

  2. This was very funny!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. How funny!!

    I just stumbled on your blog. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I was big into Beverly Lewis for awhile. So I find the Amish really interesting! I have enjoyed reading some of your stories, especially since they are real! I live out west, so it really is a whole'nother world to me!

  4. I can imagine headlines, "With lots of fanfare and for lack of more urgent business, cop returns lost blanket to Amish woman."

  5. That would have scared me half to death!! Funny story though :-D

  6. The cop just wanted to see your reaction. I bet you made his day! He went on his merry way grinning from ear to ear.

  7. My father was a deputy who's patrol area covered an Amish populated area. He loved visiting with them and helping them out, though he wouldn't use his siren and lights for anything they weren't truly needed for.

  8. How funny! That would have made my heart jump out of my chest!

  9. Too funny!

    I found your blog through a fellow blogger and I'm so excited I found it! What a beautifully and honestly written blog. :)

    I just finished reading a memoir by Ira Wagler about his Amish upbringing and how he finally left his community. I just wrote and posted a few thoughts on my blog about it.

    I'm your newest follower and looking forward to reading more about you and your lovely family.


  10. It's good that the police officer didn't pull you over and fine you for littering. LOL

  11. If that had been me I would have had a heart attack when the sirene went on. Way to funny but oh so nice of him to pick it up for you.



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