Monday, January 23, 2012

Troubles with the New Girl

LV's memories continued.
LV hurried with his school work, he was working on making a little cardboard buggy in his spare time which was much more fun than the rest of his school work. Once the wheels were attached he spun them around and then had an idea. If he cut strips of paper and glued them together and then wrap them tightly around the axle the wheels would spin by themselves if he wound them up.

After spending a lot of time he finally completed it and carefully wound the wheels until the paper strip was wrapped tightly around the axle. He let it go and watched as the wheels spun in the air. He was happy that his experiment worked. Now if only he could test it out on the floor and see if it had enough power to roll across the floor.

He checked to see what Teacher Hannah was doing. She was busy with another class at the front of the room. He carefully set the buggy on the floor and let go. It went rolling across the aisle and crashed into the wall next to the desk where the new girl, Mary Ann was sitting.

Happy that the buggy worked he motioned to her to pick it up and give it back to him. She sat there and stubbornly shook her head no. What a stuck up little girl. All she would have to do was take a single step out of her desk and get his buggy. There was hardly any chance that Teacher Hannah would see her do that. He asked again but she still refused so there was nothing left to do but retrieve it himself.

Slipping out of his desk he crawled over and got it. He almost made it safely back to his desk when Teacher Hannah turned around and saw him. She asked him to give her the buggy and then stay after school. LV scooted down in his seat and scowled at Mary Ann. What an awful little girl. It was all her fault that he got caught and now had to stay after school


  1. Ha ha, oh Mary Ann, how could you!

  2. Ha! I could have been that Mary Ann! I wouldn't do things that would get myself into trouble, or encourage someone else to do trouble. I remember having to stand my ground firm when a boy in school, noting my artistic ability, asked me to draw a pot plant leaf on his notebook.

    It wasn't stuck-upness. It was an overwhelming fear of getting into trouble and a shock at those who did not follow the rules.

  3. LOL! No wonder LV didn't like you. He thought you got him in trouble. I'm sure if someone had told him at the time that you'd end up married, he would've run for the hills.

    BTW, I was the same way when I was a little girl. I was so scared of getting into trouble that I never would've been involved in something like that. Some of the boys thought I was stuck-up because of it, too, and they teased me for it.

  4. My husband and I loved the story. Thanks for sharing LV's memories. :)

  5. I've tried to forget my school time memories since most of them were spent in the New York city school system,lol. Richard

  6. It's a wonder he EVER forgave you!



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