Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Helping the Helpless

LV's memories continued.
It was time to do the evening chores and as LV's parents and his older brothers got everything ready to do the milking LV ran to get his wagon to play until chores were done. Being the youngest was starting to have it's advantages after all.

Making a circle around the barn he happened to round the corner in time to see one of the big barn cats tormenting a little chipmunk. He jumped off the wagon and stood watching in dismay. The poor chipmunk was terrified and LV knew that as soon as the cat was done playing and tormenting it the chipmunk would die. It was too horrible to think about. He dashed in, not caring that the cat was losing it's meal and rescued the little chipmunk who was trembling all over, bruised and battered from it's ordeal with the cat but thankfully still alive.

He went to show it to the others sure that they would help him doctor the poor little thing back to health. They looked at it but didn't seem to think that it would survive but agreed it wouldn't hurt to try since it was sure to die if they didn't help it.

LV found an old bird cage and made a comfortable nest in it and placed the chipmunk inside. He shelled some corn and put it inside and filled a little container with water. Day after day he spent hours talking to it and making sure it was being well taken care of. The chipmunk learned to know him really well and allowed LV to pet him and happily ate corn from his hand.

When the chipmunk was totally healed and healthy LV left the door of the cage open so it could go back to it's home in the woods. He was sad to see his little friend go but knew that a wild animal could never be truly happy anywhere except in the wild.


  1. What a wonderful story! My husband and I rescued three baby squirrels after a hurricane knocked over the tree where their nest was located. They were such a delight! We fed them with a syringe - little guzzlers, all of them - and let them run around the bathroom floor until it was time to go back into their cage. I have pictures of them sitting in my hair.

  2. Way to go LV! I'm sure that chipmunk will remember your kind deed for the rest of his days.

    We have cats also, one of which catches all kinds of things, I have rescued at least a half dozen chipmunks, birds, and even squirels.

    God Bless You Little Guy!

  3. Oh that is so sweet! I am glad the chipmunk had a happy ending.

  4. How sweet! I tried to rescue a baby squirrel once, after it fell out of a tree. Unfortunately, it didn't make it. Glad LV's chipmunk did!

  5. Wise well beyond his years !

  6. My daughters have rescued several baby birds after storms in the past. Seems they are always dragging in some critter.

  7. What a sweet story; good for you LV!

  8. Thank you for posting this story!

    Thank you also for your comment on my blog about the poem about the bombing in Birmingham during the Civil Rights era. The poem gave me the shivers, too. Seeing film clips of the violence done to those Civil Rights demonstrators was heart-wrenching as well.

    When I visited your blog I was interested to see that you were raised Amish. My grandfather ( my mother's father) was also raised Amish... but he did not join the church as an adult. He married my Mennonite grandmother and they had my mother and her siblings... and then both parents died within two years of each other, back in 1922-24. I only discovered that I have a small army of Amish cousins in the last six years!


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