Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding ~ Part Two

The afternoon wore on as they kept singing. The majority of the songs were new to me and it got to be rather wearisome sitting there listening to everyone else sing. I was glad once we could go outside again.

Since it was late fall it got dark early. I watched with interest as the boys pulled buggies out in front of the barn and turned their lights on. With several of the young folks playing their harmonicas and someone else singing the rest of them enjoyed square dancing. LV, John, a handful of our Canadian cousins stood there and watched. We knew better than to help, knowing that any type of dancing was strictly forbidden in our churches.

It started snowing but the dancing continued. Growing cold we decided to go to the barn until it was time to go into the house for dinner. Once again the girls were lined up outside the house to be escorted in to the table. There was an over whelming amount of food served and then to top everything off they served ice cream in little dishes each with two spoons. I was glad that it was LV that I got to share a dish rather than some stranger like John and a lot of our cousins had to.

Once the wedding was officially over the fun was about to begin. All of us cousins planned to spend the night together visiting, and playing games. I looked forward to having LV get to know my Swarey cousins better. There was never a dull moment when we were all together.


  1. I love weddings and spending time with fun people..

    Here's to good times!
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  2. Enjoyed your posts about this wedding. It's always fun to reconnect with family and friends for such joyous occassions! :o)

  3. I will get caught up reading your posts one of these days soon. We are off to Arkansas again. They are having the Memorial Service for my cousin Friday night so we are going to that. But I can't wait for things to get back to normal... so I can get caught up.
    until next time... nel

  4. Great wedding memories! Thanks for sharing them with us. I think I can taste that Ice Cream....and feel the snowflakes, too

  5. I bet you not only loved being with all your cousins, but all of them getting to see and meet LV! HOW FUN!!


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